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Promote YouTube Video With 6 Tips And Tricks In 2023 [New]

The product team at YouTube estimates that more than 400 hours of video are posted to the site every minute. Additionally, nearly 1 billion hours of video are watched daily on YouTube. I find that I go to YouTube at least ten times per day.

There are a lot of subtle but useful features in YouTube. The YouTube product team deserves praise for working with me to create this list of 6 tips and tricks to promote YouTube video you should be aware of:

1. Double Tap To Seek 

Double Tap To Seek is a function that YouTube recently introduced. On the YouTube app, double tapping on the left or right of a video playing will fast-forward or rewind the video by 10 seconds, respectively.

2. A fresh desktop layout

Your favourite videos and creators will be featured in a new desktop experience that YouTube is developing. YouTube will be more enjoyable and simple to use with the new desktop interface. Before it is widely implemented, you may sign up for the new desktop experience at if you want to start using it right away.

3. A gloomy tone

Dark Theme is a feature of the updated YouTube desktop experience and this is the best feature to promote YouTube video. While viewing YouTube, this function will lessen screen glare. After registering for the new YouTube desktop experience, you may activate the Dark Theme from the Account menu to make your background darker.

4. Post A Video That Commences At A Specific Time

Sometimes you want to share a video that begins at a particular point in the movie. You can share a YouTube URL that will play a video from a particular time. To do this, choose “copy video URL at current time” from the context menu when you right-click on a video.

Alternatively, you can share a movie that starts at a specific time by first tapping the Share button and then the “Start at” checkbox. The URL created by the Share button feature can then be copied.

5. Video Sneak Peek

You may now view a preview of the video on desktop thanks to a new feature that YouTube introduced. When you hover over a thumbnail, the video previews will show up. This will help you understand the subject matter of each video.

6. Watch Recommendations

You can use a function to see which videos the one you are watching right now is related to. A row of suggested videos will appear when you tap the screen while watching in full-screen on your mobile device. Visit: The Tech Counter

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