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Is Node.JS the best choice for your next web application

Is Node.JS the best choice for your next web application?

Have you ever noticed that there are times when a particular technology gets to a peak and becomes the most suggested one? 

Things like, oh, you should use it—it’s the best right now! 

Have you??? 

Well, in recent times, there have been a couple of application development technologies that have been promoted more than others. 

And one such technology is Node.JS! 

Node.JS is a run-time environment that allows JavaScript to run outside of web browsers and an open-source platform built to provide cross-platform functionality along with progressive and impressive UI web applications. 

It is quite preferred by the developers, as it champions server-side functionality! 

Why Choose Node.js for Web Development?

Now, one might ask, if it is preferred by the developers, why does one need to develop their application of this technology? 

A valid question! 

To this question, there is also a valid answer –

Consider the advantages of Node.js for web development when evaluating your project requirements.

If you want a high-performing, scalable, and robust real-time application for your business, then there is no one better than Node.JS! 

And this is not something that is getting promoted, but Node.js has made the difference clearly visible to the development community! 

Let’s get to know that –

A fast-loading and efficient performing application

Do you want an application that loads faster and is snappy and responsive to the users? Then Node.js is perfect for you! 

Node.js is event-driven and has a non-blocking architecture that allows it to handle huge traffic and multiple requests at the same time, which is great for developing real-time applications. 

Such applications are highly demanded by businesses these days to provide the best experience to their users!

Factors that include event-based architecture, V8 engine, async programming, single-threaded event loop, and effective modules are responsible for the speeds and performance of Node. js applications. 

This makes Node. Indeed, it is a remarkable option for developing real-time apps, data-driven dashboards, and other apps that require fast turns and resource usage efficiency.


A technology that leverages the JavaScript for full-stack development

Node.js lets the developers use the JavaScript code both in the back-end and, if needed, in the front-end code as well. 

This is done by using full-stack frameworks that are built upon the strong foundation laid by Node.js. 

Such frameworks give you a means to process server-side scripts as well as UI interactions by using JavaScript as a library and a set of tools that are specially designed for it. 

With this, developers can streamline the development and speed up the process!

Cost Effective Development is Preferred

As a consequence, you can hire Node.js developers who can manage both the front-end and back-end aspects of your project, promoting efficiency and potentially reducing costs.

This directly affects the development charges and overall cost, making it a more cost-effective option for clients with a shorter time-to-market!  

What more can you ask for?

Get an application that grows with your business

The biggest issue faced in the case of business applications is the inability to cope with the growing traffic and number of users on the website. 

In the past, there have been many instances where an entire application crashed as soon as some sale or live event happened! 

The platform was unable to handle the amount of traffic that was attracted due to these events. 

But with Node.js, you can rest assured! 

Node.js uses Google’s V8 JavaScript Engine, which compiles JavaScript directly into machine code, which makes the execution a lot faster! 

And time has proved that the applications developed using Node.js tend to handle the traffic and the growing needs better than most applications! 

Applications developed using Node.js are meant to scale as businesses scale.

Develop diverse applications for diverse needs

The applications that can be developed using Node.js are not limited to a type!

The technology is diverse – so are the applications that can be developed with it!

Node.js can be utilized to develop applications like –

  • Single–page applications
  • IoT Applications
  • Social Networking Platforms
  • Real-time Chat applications
  • E-commerce applications 
  • Content Management applications
  • Streaming Platforms
  • Gaming Platforms
  • Desktop applications 


The power of Node.js can be beneficial for many diverse business needs that require an application that can enhance their services and user retention and acquisition!

The ability to customize as per the needs

The second biggest issue with business applications is the amount of customization that needs to be done as time and the nature of the business evolve. 

Think of an application that can be customized even if the needs get surpassed! 

How deadly that can be for the business! 

Customization is the need of the present and is going to be in the future as well because sometimes customization is done because of technical needs and sometimes because of users. 

And in both situations, it is unavoidable! 

When it comes to customization, Node.js is one of the best because this ecosystem provides various libraries and frameworks to develop and implement custom features and solutions for an application.

Seo is not a concern with Node.js

SEO is very important in the modern world!

If people can’t find you on search engines, then there is no point in having a business.

But one can ask – how can technology be helpful for the SEO?

Well, this is where the depth of knowledge matters!

Have you heard about Rendering?

Well, the reason Node.js and friendly for SEO is because Node.js supports Server-Side Rendering better.

Server-side rendering (SSR) is a web development method that involves the server generating the whole HTML content of a page as well as sending it in a single response to the client, who is the browser in this case. 

This differs from client-side rendering (CSR), in which the browser constructs the HTML content by using JavaScript after receiving a minimal HTML shell.

With Node.js and SSR, you have your shop window that displays your products through labels and descriptions, which is the pre-rendered HTML content. 

Windows should be utilized in the best possible way (creating a window display) since random passersby (search engines) can easily get to know what you have to offer (content) just by looking at it.

The search engine’s ability to rank pages is dependent upon the crawled and understood content they have available. 

The window display showcasing the interior of the cabin (pre-rendered content) with Node.js and SSR facilitates search engines’ capability to have a clear view of your products (content) and comprehension of what your app is all about.

And that increases the chances of better identification of the page along with how it will perform in the ranking on the search engines!

A scalable application that is also Secure 

How important is safety for your business? 

With the evolving online threats and cybercrimes, don’t you think that no matter what the technology is, the application must be secured? 

Well, there is no doubt that the developers pay the most attention when developing an application, but it is also true that with some technologies, secure coding can be taken to the next level! 

And Node.js is one such technology! 

Node.js has built-in features and libraries that support secure coding and help develop an application that is secure against possible threats. 

And with constant updates and upgrades that happen in the technology, one can live in peace, as the application developed will be secure.

Enough Resources are available for the development!

Now that you are a bit impressed, don’t you think it’s time to talk about whether you will be able to find the resources easily or not? 

Well, you need not worry; there is a large talent pool available that can help you develop your dream application. 

Whether you are looking for freelancers or dedicated teams, you can easily find developers around the world constantly contributing to the team while also innovating more ways to make the technology more interesting! 

And this is not it—the Node.js community constantly contributes to the open-source framework and libraries that can be used directly if needed for a project. 

Isn’t it the most convenient? 

All you need to do is Google the best freelancing or dedicated teams and do a thorough evaluation of the projects that they have done and the strength of the team in the case of junior and experienced developers. 

That will help you filter out what you need!


Now Coming back to the Question……

Is Node.js the best choice for your next web application or not? 

Well, the answer is yes! 

It is indeed a great choice for applications that will be specifically developed to serve a business in the long run. 

But before you go all gaga, please remember that before finalizing any technology to power your application, you must consult a tech team and list to them all the requirements and the future that can affect the application. 

In that way, you can have a better understanding of what exactly your need is, what the tech stack is ideal for, and how that can benefit you in the long run! 

Remember, your application is the means to achieve the success that your business deserves, and if the application is so crucial, so is the technology that will power it!

Take time – evaluate through – choose wisely!