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Write for us and guest post submission on is an amazing opportunity for bloggers, small companies, and advertisers. We allow fresh and unique content on our platform and share it on various social media platforms to reach new people.

We mainly work on Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, SEO, Business, Software, Social Media, and other categories. You can check out our published articles and get an idea about the topics.

We are always looking for personal stories, fiction stories, innovative stories, inspirational stories, motivational stories, and the latest trends. We need quality content with consistency, and we don’t compromise.

What do we publish in Write for us?

On our website, we allow all kinds of informational quality content. We always welcome new bloggers, writers, and entrepreneurs looking for their brand promotion or who want to grow as writers. We also accept guest posts from small and medium business companies.

Anyone can read Write for Us page and contact us via contact form or email id. Yes, you can also contact us through our social media platforms. We will reply to you within 48 hours as we get the email.

Sometimes, we won’t find your email; in that case, you can contact us again, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Guidelines Must Follow for Guest Post Submission on

  1. Unique Content:

It is very important to send us unique content; otherwise, we have the right to reject the content. If we find any part unwanted in the article, we can edit the article according to our website requirements.

  1. Do-Follow Link:

We provide 1 do-follow link from the body of the content to you. After that, you need to go with the paid option to get more do-follow links. If we find any irrelevancy with a link, it can be turned to no-follow at any time, and we won’t inform before that. Another link you will get from the author bio of the writer.

  1. Author Bio:

The author bio is not compulsory, but if you want to promote your name as a writer, then it is mandatory. Otherwise, it will go with the admin name. Make sure you mention the link that you want to add to your author bio. We also allow author bioimage on our website.

  1. Non-Plagiarized:

Our team reviews every article before publishing and checks if it is plagiarized. We won’t allow plagiarism in the article. The article will be rejected if found to plagiarize the content. So it’s better to check plagiarism before sending us the draft. Apart from that, we have the right to edit the article according to our website requirements.

  1. Long Content:

According to Google, long content is more beneficial for the website, but it doesn’t mean that you add irrelevant stuff in the article. The long content needs relevancy; otherwise, it will be rejected. At least we need 1000+ word content for our website. Please think that topics cover more words, but relevancy on long content is mandatory.

  1. Images:

If you use any copyright image on the content, add the image’s source. We don’t allow any image without the source link. If the image is downloaded from a free website like Pixabay or Pexels, then let us know otherwise mention the image source.

  1. Use Examples:

To make any content more simple, it is much better to use examples so the readers can easily understand. The readers cannot understand the tough language. So use simple examples in the article so the readers can easily go with it.

  1. Link Insertion:

Yes, we also accept link insertion on our website, but we don’t change the article publishing date on our website. We can make edits according to the business requirements.

  1. We Don’t Allow Irrelevant Links:

On our website, we don’t publish CBD, casino, and adult content at any cost. So don’t contact us if you’re looking for such places. We only publish articles of these categories Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, SEO, Business, Software, Social Media, and Technology.

Copied Content or Misleading Information:

As we already said, copied content or spun content are also not allowed on our website. Such content will be rejected immediately, and the email will be shifted towards the spam folder and won’t get any reply from us.

We also don’t allow misleading information from anyone. If our team finds that the article does not provide any value to our website and readers, it will be removed immediately, or it won’t be published on our website at any cost.

You must give proper credit and source of the article you mention in your article; then only we can allow your content on our page; otherwise not.

  1. Approval Time:

Well, mostly, we respond in 48 hours, but it may take a long because we have lots of emails and a limited team to work on it, so it may take a long time, but you will get a reply from our team.

The content publishing time will take at least 1 week or more because our content is scheduled, and we work according to them only. Therefore, the scenario of sponsored content will be different from guest posts.

  1. Payment:

We accept payment from PayPal, and Bank Transfer, so you can suggest your payment option, and if we are available on that, we can go with that too.

  1. Social Media Platforms:

We share content on our various social media platforms to promote the business and engage with our readers.

Use Contact Email Id:

You can contact us via the contact email id: [email protected] or ping us on our Facebook page and then we can make a deal out of it. So to write for us contact now.