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WhatsApp is About to Introduce Great Features

We all know the importance of social media channels in peoples’ life. In the last fifteen years, it has grown from strength to strength, and now we cannot imagine our average day without social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter have become our virtual identities. However, no social channel has affected our life like WhatsApp which is like bread and butter for most of us.

A Quintessential Platform

There are many reasons why WhatsApp has become such an important part of our day to day life. It has brought a lot of ease and convenience with its amazing features. So, if you want to send a simple message to your family, friend, or colleague, you do not use messenger, SMS or any other platform, you just send a WhatsApp message. Similarly, if you wish to share a photograph or a document, you do it on WhatsApp.

Such belief on a platform was developed over the years. We have tried these channel innumerable times and realised that this is one medium on which we can completely rely. A kind of comfort level has been developed with this channel. A lot of credit of this huge popularity of WhatsApp is because of its amazing features. They add so much value in our life by helping us carry out routine jobs. However, the most admirable fact about this platform is its zeal to reinvent itself by adding new features.

Therefore, in continuation of the same trend, WhatsApp will soon add some more interesting features that will simply make you wonder. The moment these features become available, it will further enhance your experience on this amazing platform.

The Recent Updates | Social Media

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging service app has now come up with exciting updates and there are also interesting features in the pipeline for the users. The company is constantly striving to make their services more users friendly.

You can expect WhatsApp to soon come up with updates that will enable you to hide personal information from selected contacts. If you are using this app on the Android device, and need to transfer the content to iOS device, you can do that as well. Besides, the new features will also allow you to set disappearing chat as per your choice. And if you are not happy with the present quality of photographs, there is good news for you. You can share your photos in the high resolution mode.

Upcoming features will make you wonder

There is no second opinion as how these new features will add value to user’s life. Now, they will get more freedom, flexibility, and utmost privacy on this platform. This will definitely give them a much improved experience than they were getting earlier. People are anxiously waiting for these features because they realise that it will give them more control over their communication.

You can send high Quality photographs

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users, making it the most used instant messaging app in the world. Therefore, such a large user base creates a huge load on its server. The new feature will allow users to share pictures in high resolution. This will improve the overall quality of photographs and users would just love it.

To make files lighter, WhatsApp has an inbuilt mechanism to compress media such as videos and photos. This saves system from crashing and messages can easily reach the destination. Currently, WhatsApp is working on an idea to give users a choice between three modes – Best Quality, Data Saver, and Auto. They can choose a particular mode to send high quality photos and videos through this platform.

Improvements in WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

The platform has recently introduced View Once Messages under WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature. It was launched earlier but now the company intends to improve it further through expanding its functionality.

At present, users can select the message option in the chat and the message disappears after a week. However, this feature will be taken one step further by allowing users to customize it for future updates. Users can also make WhatsApp disappearing messages function automatically by default for all new chats. Although the new setting may come with a future update.

<h3Improved Contact Privacy Control | Social Media

Currently, WhatsApp allows users to edit certain parts of their profiles such as their profile picture, about, status and their last seen status where you can opt for My Contacts, Everyone and Nobody. It is expected that company will further improve this feature that will allow users to show their last seen, about, status and profile picture to specific contacts. As the name itself suggests, this feature will hide relevant profile information from such contacts who will be added in this list.

Send photos as stickers | Social Media

This may appear like a marginal change in the app, but it is very useful. People find WhatsApp stickers very attractive. Therefore, the new feature will further enhance their pleasure and users won’t complain either. In fact, WhatsApp may have got this idea from some new social media channels like Connect app which already provides such a facility for its users.

WhatsApp is also working on a new button to share photos as stickers with as many as seven apps. While sharing photographs on another social media app, the caption bar will likely appear on WhatsApp. This will allow photograph to be sent as a sticker instead of a regular photograph. This feature will be available in the upcoming version of the app. Besides, this particular feature will be also available for the desktop version of app.

To reach at the top in any field is the easier part. The difficult part is to maintain that position in the long run and WhatsApp is very much aware of this age old fact. They are in a much advantageous position because they come under the umbrella of an iconic brand like Facebook. They have an excellent mentor in the form of Facebook which has maintained its phenomenal popularity for last almost sixteen years.

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