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Top WhatsApp Alternatives for Your Mobile Phone

WhatsApp quickly became popular due to the flexibility it provided to users all over the world. Unfortunately, its persistent privacy issues have divided users, who are continuously concerned about data security. Especially when recently, news broke that WhatsApp has plans to share private data with parent enterprise Facebook. This information worried and upset users globally. That’s why more and more people are now switching over to other communication apps. The shift was further emphasized by the business tycoon and CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, who recommended his fans to switch to the app, Signal, calling it a more stable tool. However, importing all contacts to a new messaging tool is not easy and is more than just shifting important contacts to a new app.

Don’t Let the Occasional Hiccup in Your Internet Connection Ruin Your Mood

While WhatsApp doesn’t always guarantee a glitch-free performance, oft times it’s a user’s internet connection that’s really at fault. To make sure that a user is making the best use of their service connection, they are advised to select and install an internet provider like the high-speed Grande Internet, which is known for its exceptional reliable internet connection in the Texan state. Although, it is humanly impossible to guarantee even the absence of the occasional hiccup in a residential/commercial internet connection, always check reviews to see the reception of an ISP in an area.

Read on to find out which of the following apps are ideal alternatives for better communication. Download your favorite communication tool now!

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger falls under the umbrella of the world’s largest social media channel, Facebook which is known to turn the world upside down. This communication app is considered to be among the world’s most popular messaging tools for various reasons. One, the Messenger currently has around 105 million users in the U.S. only. This number only increases, as Facebook Messenger is quite popular in different parts of the world as well. The best part is that, similar to WhatsApp, it is also free with no in-app purchases and can be downloaded on any smartphone. So no smartphone user has to face any kind of hassle when it comes to the installation of this app.

Users may not even require to have an account on Facebook to use its messaging counterpart. All they need is to download the Messenger app on their phone and simply create an account, which is separate from an FB account. Similar to WhatsApp, users can make calls, send messages, perform video calls, and write text messages to anybody who is using this communication app. Users even have the option to make a phone call to an individual’s laptop via the app and even vice versa. So no matter where a person is located in the world, they can always keep in contact with their loved ones via this fantastic messaging app.


The messaging app, Discord has an interesting backstory. It began as a badass game chat application, which was targeted at a specific kind of audience, more specifically gamers and game addicts. However, as luck would have it, the game chat app eventually evolved into the version that’s popular today and considered a fantastic alternative to the chat app giant, WhatsApp.

At present, the Discord app is no longer limited to gamers and the like. It is regarded as a terrific substitute for two chat apps, Slack and WhatsApp, depending on the individual needs of the end-user. Since it is server-based, the app resembles WhatsApp in certain ways. The best part is that users don’t even need to use their actual names or their current phone numbers to use this app. What’s more, the multiple features of this communication app ensure that users fully utilize the innumerable idiosyncratic features of the app.


Unlike most messaging apps, Wire has been slow in gaining popularity. Nonetheless, this communication app is touted to become a new favorite and rise above others for it is one of the most secure chat applications available today. What makes this app a fantastic alternative to WhatsApp is that the different features of this app are end-to-end encrypted. This means that whether you make a phone call, share a document or an image with a friend, write a text message, or leave a voice note for your dear ones, all the various aspects of a user’s data are safe and secure.

And so the user doesn’t have to worry about their confidential/private data ever reaching the wrong hands. What’s more, the app requires the user(s) to sign up via their phone number or by using their current email address. Users can also search for those contacts that are not on the app, one similarity the app shares with Facebook Messenger. Nonetheless, the user-friendly interface combined with the high-security aspect makes this app a new favorite amongst tech enthusiasts.


Another terrific alternative to WhatsApp is Telegram, a freeware released in 2013. The app has garnered slow progress over the years. And currently boasts 200+ million active users. While it is considered among the popular alternatives to WhatsApp, other communication apps are still preferred over the Telegram as such. And for good reason too! Even though it shares several similarities with WhatsApp, Telegram uses the double-tick system to notify a sender that the receiver has received/seen their message. Although the app uses end-to-end encryption for all its voice calls, the problem lies in the lack of end-to-end encryption that is not available for all text chats. And only applies to the ‘secret ones’, which have integrated the encryption by default.

However, all normal messages such as one-on-one text chats or even group messages utilize cloud-based encryption. This means that most of the daily messages and user chats are stored on the app’s servers and accessible by anyone within the company or by hackers, making users vulnerable. Besides this reason, Telegram’s popularity was slow because of its interface. Unlike WhatsApp, various aspects of Telegram were slightly difficult to work with, making it quite technical in comparison to WhatsApp, which was simply easy to use and understand for the average user.


Skype existed way before the Zooms and Whatsapps took over the communications industry. Launched in 2003, it was one of the first communication apps, that provided users all over the world with multiple options for communicating with others. This was among the first apps, that provided options for free text messaging, sharing files in a variety of formats, along with free audio and video call and even a combination of the two to users globally. Its features were considered fresh when they were first released. Even though each user had a limit of connecting with 50 users max, Skype benefitted many as it connected people, who no longer had to worry about lengthy phone or internet bills. At the same time, countless businesses also took advantage of the app, as it allowed their venture to go global. Today, Skype is as flexible an option as it was when it was first launched.

Wrapping Up

So there you have some of the top WhatsApp alternatives which may relatively be less prevalent in the tech industry but they can still prove to be useful to a user. Why not install an app or two to see how these work and if you are comfortable using them. Since most of these are free and have a simple interface, we recommend that you download them now!

However, these fantastic WhatsApp alternatives are simply useless if your current internet connection is constantly down! In that case, maybe it’s time to switch to a new service. Visit BuyTVInternetPhone and select a service that’s in for the long haul!

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