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Protect Yourself And Your Online Business Today! Don’t Be A Victim Of Internet Fraud

There is so much fraud activity going on daily on the internet. Many fraudulent contacts on the internet take place through email. Protect yourself and your business today, don’t be a victim of internet fraud, take the following precautions! You don’t know when it might save you & your business.

Tips to Secure your Online Business

  1. Use Common sense: This is the basic to all right-minded people. Use your common sense, don’t be hasty to trust the information on the internet.

2. Do Make sure your computer firewall is always turned on.

3. always get the latest with your operating system, applications, and antivirus software by updating regularly.

4. Regularly Back UP your system files, and make sure the copies are stored safely.

5. Don’t be quick to provide your credit card or banking information to any website. Only to reputable and secured websites.

6. Review your bank statements and credit card transaction details frequently. Once you spot any unfamiliar transactions, contact the company immediately.

7. Don’t be greedy:  take note of free websites or offers that sell products at extremely low prices. It could be phishing bait that lures you with spam emails

8. Always beware of unsolicited bulk email (junk email), especially if the email contains links to an external website or perhaps asking you for personal information details, such as your verification details. It might be a scam.

9. make sure you use different passwords for different accounts.

10. Change your password periodically

11. Choose passwords that are easy for you to remember, and difficult for people to guess.

12. Always type in the correct address when visiting a website. One spelling error might  definitely redirect you to a fraudulent website

13. Use encrypted connections to transmit sensitive data, such as your credit card details, and always log off the website when you have finished.

14. If using a public computer to access information, always make sure you clear history, so that another person won’t know the websites you were browsing.

15. And lastly, say a BIG NO, to question “REMEMBER THIS PASSWORD?” The trojan program can harvest your stored information. Leaving you vulnerable to fraud!. but you can remember the password if you are on your personal computer

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Once you can completely follow the above 15 steps,  I can assure you won’t be victimized by fraud!… You will begin experiencing the feeling that your business is protected.

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