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Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 2024

When it comes to the way you handle your SMB’s digital marketing, there is always room for improvement. Regardless of how well you think you are doing, there is someone out there that does it better.

Nevertheless, this is not a depressing fact, it simply means there is always a force that should drive you to become even better. As long as you are aware of the fact that, as an entrepreneur, one must try to perfect oneself and their business continuously, there is hope for you to be among the best. So, here are some ideas to improve your strategy this year. 

Customer segmentation

Selecting your target audience is an important part of business. However, many people are unaware that there is further to be done when it comes to your audience. Customer segmentation is the act of separating your audience according to a certain feature.

This can be geolocation, age, interests, or any feature you think is relevant for launching your products in the best way possible.

Of course, if this is to be done right, some research must be done, too. You will need all the information you have about your audience and your first task is to gather it all in one place. After that, you need to list some features by which it makes sense to segment your audience.

Finally, the goal is to determine the target features, as well as the number of segments you are going to have. Once you have this, all future marketing strategies are guaranteed to be much more efficient as they will be customized according to the appropriate segment.

Publish long-form content

Content marketing has been here for a while and, likely, you are already publishing blog posts regularly. However, they are most likely standard 500-word texts which are cute, but perhaps not engaging enough as they are quite short.

This is the best situation as your readers can ease into the long-form content. Opting for longer texts will not only satisfy your regular readers but they are bound to attract a whole new crowd.

Your regular readers will love the fact that there are more detailed posts they can immerse themselves in, while others will take you more seriously as a business. When it comes to the nature of these long posts, that can vary.

Their length is usually around 2000 words and they can be long-form blog posts, pillar pages, or guides so there is plenty of room for creativity and reorganization of your blog there. 

Improve image quality

Being an entrepreneur for a while has a lot of advantages. However, one can easily catch themselves in a threat of becoming obsolete. This is a real threat to any long-standing business one you cannot keep track of all trends at the same time.

You are bound to miss a few things or at least be a bit late. This can often be seen in image quality. Most businesses take photos of all their products when setting up their website for the first time. However, as time goes by, if the offer does not change, there is no real reason to update the photos. However, the users are quite likely to notice the lack of quality as cameras and camera software are becoming of insanely higher quality.

This is why you need to consider replacing all your images with newer ones. You can use 3D renderings, high-quality cameras, and any other available means for obtaining high-quality images. Once you update all your images, consider implementing a lifecycle policy for your website’s media content so you can avoid getting into this situation ever again.

Install a chatbot

New businesses are beating the competition by being more and more available. This is especially visible in the Department of Customer Support. Naturally, it is not very easy or humane to get people to cover twenty-four hours a day.

However, you can use technology to avoid this and yet become more available. Chatbots are excellent ways to keep your customers assured. Of course, you should try and have your chatbot be smart enough to cover all the frequently asked questions, as well as handle new ones in the right manner. If your chatbot can help, that is great.

However, if it cannot, it should be able to fill out a short form and forward the issue to real customer support while assuring the customer they will be helped as soon as the next morning, for instance. 

Videos instead of long texts

People’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter and, sadly, we simply need to adapt to that global occurrence. This also means that businesses need to consider all their content.

There is no use in having incredibly long texts to describe everyday procedures or how to order a product. This means your task is to comb through all your content which includes your website and all social media accounts and mark the parts of text that need to be refactored or replaced.

Consider making short instructive videos that would replace tedious text. Be careful, though, the videos should not last longer than two minutes as people might lose focus. Images that contain simple graphs or algorithms are also quite useful. Make sure to create a clear and positive environment for all your customers.

Think about their lives and try to imagine their situation. Perhaps they are just back from work, exhausted, and they are looking to order something from your website. Don’t you agree that they should be able to do this with minimal effort? If so, you know what to do.

All in all, improving your digital marketing game is not an easy task, but it is present at all times. For Digital marketing, you can get help from some well-known agencies such as MashupMind, Brandveda etc,. Trying to improve everything will only give you stress. Instead, spread all your ideas over time and take it step by step – it is guaranteed to be a much more beneficial tactic.


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