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Christmas decoration

Christmas Decoration Guide

With the current difficult economic forecast, more people are opting to forego their holiday decorations and this is completely understandable. Prices of decorations and lights have gone slightly higher and even though they are still affordable, there is a clear reason to cut down on costs all across the board.

However, cutting costs, doesn’t mean you have to get a dull Christmas. Here are some noteworthy tips on how to decorate your home for the holidays on a budget. 

A Christmas tree may provide a magical touch to your living room

The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of each Christmas celebration. The tree, proud and majestic, symbolizes the Christmas spirit with its shining golden star or angel with delicate wings.

Don’t go too far from the norm this year, but we recommend going all out with your Christmas decorations. You may dress up your tree with Christmas lights and give it some genuine personality with handcrafted ornaments like felt hanging decorations, wooden ornaments, and glass ornaments that have been painted by hand.

Tips on Getting Christmas Trees on a Budget

Most people would argue that there is no way to get a live Christmas tree at a cheap price. This is because there are now fewer trees being cut and the influx of artificial pre lit Christmas tree has reduced the need for live ones. However, you can get the perfect tree by simply thinking out of the box and trying this new idea. You can simply plant your own Christmas trees right in your backyard or even on your balcony.

Firs and pines are hardy trees and they don’t require constant attention. Therefore, by being patient enough to grow it through several seasons, your tree will be good to go within no time. 

The other advantage of planting your own Christmas trees is that you can lease or even sell off the extra trees to your neighbors. This will not only add an extra income, but you will feel proud of yourself for contributing positively to the environment.

Once the holidays are over, take the tree out and watch it grow some more for the next holidays. This way you can prune your trees to your desired height and even harden them if you expect to hang heavy décor and lighting on it. There are tips for planting the right dimensions of a Christmas tree, which you can find online by just doing a simple search. 

Perfect Christmas Lights on a Shoestring Budget

Christmas lights tend to be quite expensive and this forces most people to simply recycle their previous season’s lights and wait out the holidays. However, there is an easy way to refresh your Christmas lighting and décor by going for yard sales way before the holidays start.

Yard sales tend to offer décor items at a fraction of the price and this is good since you get new items to decorate your house with. You can get some good vintage pieces that you can turn into great décor items. 

Another idea is to simply make your own décor. With some glitter and glue, anything can turn into a Christmas décor item, and there are many videos online to help you with this.

Turn old wine and whisky bottles into lamps by using string LED string lights and this not only adds to the sparkle at home, but will greatly reduce your energy costs. You can always use these DIY Christmas lights on other holidays such as Thanksgiving and even Hanukkah.

In conclusion, all the materials you need to make your Christmas decoration are all around you and by being creative, you can make iconic pieces that will get mouths talking for long after the holidays.

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