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Morning Routine

Instructions: Create Your Morning Routine

Based on the ideas above and your preferences, you can now create your morning routine. It is important that you adjust them according to your needs. If you don’t like reading at all, it’s not worth torturing yourself with it.

For example, a podcast would be an alternative way to continue your education. Copying other people’s routines doesn’t always help either because someone else’s routine is tailored to completely different needs. 

If you haven’t dealt with routines and manners before, you must learn them first. Adopting a new habit is not easy. After all, you should be able to do them without thinking about them.

The goal is to get your morning routine to the point where all the positive habits, like brushing your teeth, become self-evident. However, getting there requires some discipline and the necessary dedication.  Also, visit this link for more info


Step 1: Analyze the current situation. To plan your morning routine, you must be aware of the available time. It is better to establish a shorter but realistic morning routine than to start with an idea and not stick to it.

Even if it’s just waking up on time, meditating for 10 minutes, and eating breakfast, as you learn to manage and control your time wisely, your morning routine will serve a purpose. The first step is to think about how much time you can or want to invest in the morning and write it down

It is very important that the morning routine does not come at the expense of sleep. Lack of sleep is very unhealthy and can have serious longterm consequences.

If the lack of sleep continues for a long time, you quickly fall into a vicious circle. Lack of sleep leads to decreased productivity, which triggers stress, leading to sleep disorders.

So it really pays to get enough sleep and go to bed earlier. Whether you go to bed earlier and get up earlier or vice versa depends on your sleep type.  


Step 2: Optimize your sleep and evening routine. If you sleep poorly or too little, you can’t really perform the next morning and have trouble getting out of bed. If such situations happen more often, they can even harm your health.

However, if you delve into the subject of sleep, you will realize that many of the causes of poor sleep are selfinflicted and can be changed. Although it sounds paradoxical at first, an evening routine is an important part of a good start to the day

There are certain behaviors that affect the dream sign negatively or positively. For example, screens have a negative effect on falling asleep, leading to sleep deprivation and its consequences. Technical devices should be turned off, for example, one hour before going to bed.

This hour can be used for other sleepenhancing routines. This includes reading with dim lights, meditating, drinking herbal tea or taking a hot shower. After a while, the body knows what routines to do before going to bed and you will automatically get tired


Important: Don’t forget to bring small things like getting dressed, cuddling or brushing your teeth. If you forget them in your planning, you won’t be there on time and you won’t be able to really control your morning routine.

This can quickly become stressful and cause the routine to do the exact opposite of what was intended. In general, it is always good to schedule your time more generously.

If the schedule is too busy, there is no more room for unexpected events that happen from time to time in ordinary life.  

Physical routines refer to e.g. sports, yoga or gymnastics; mental routines refer to reading, writing, planning, or visionary activities; and mental activities refer to meditation, music, or cold showers or ice baths.

At the end of the chapter, there are some more examples of different morning routines that you can draw inspiration from. However, before reading this chapteryou should have created your morning routine so that you don’t let your subconscious mind influence you.

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