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NBA Youngboy net worth

NBA Youngboy net worth: Income, assets, salary, fees

It is predicted that in 2024 the American rapper NBA YoungBoy net worth will be nearly $12 million. He dropped 8 mixtapes between 2015-7 and gained a fan base. As for NBA YoungBoy, his main source of income is the money that he earns from music sales and streaming royalties. His YouTube channel also produces substantial ad income, with several videos receiving more than 1 billion views.

NBA Youngboy Biography: An Overview

Name NBA Youngboy 
Net worth $12 million 
Salary $0.7 million+
Monthly income $80,000+
Profession  American rapper
Age 24 years
Yearly income $1 million+
Nationality  American 
Date of birth  20/10/1999
Birthplace  Louisiana, US
Gender Male
Parents  Sherhounda Gaulden

Net Worth Growth of NBA Youngboy 

Year Net worth in million 
2024 $12 million 
2023 $11 million 
2022 $10 million 
2021 $9 million 
2020 $8 million 
2019 $7 million 

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Income Sources of NBA Youngboy

Music sales and streaming: NBA YoungBoy’s music is played billions of times on Spotify and YouTube, making him earn thousands.

Album sales: He has also produced many albums that have hit top spots on the Billboard charts and racked up good sales.

Touring: Being a multi-touring star, NBA YoungBoy has earned money from ticket sales and souvenirs.

Endorsement deals: He endorses several brands, including Beats by Dre and CashApp.

Investments: NBA YoungBoy has ventured into various businesses ranging from real estate and clothing lines among others.

Asset Collection of NBA Youngboy

Home – YoungBoy NBA is an American reality star who lives in America and owns many estates. He is a very young rapper and has to move around. He has a home in Louisiana, Los Angeles, and New York. He also made a very big family at the age of 24 years.

YoungBoy has recently moved to Utah and currently lives in a $5.2 million bungalow located in Salt Lake City. Whether he actually purchased the house or is just renting it from someone else cannot be determined.

Car Collection of NBA Youngboy

YoungBoy has a nice car collection. He does not have much but just enough to satisfy his needs. YoungBoy has a Ford Mustang, Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet and Lexus. The cars in Young Boy’s collection are worth one million dollars, which is impressive.

  • He owns a McLaren, Maybach and Rolls Royce whose value is $300,
  • Young Boy is also the owner of 2 Dodge Challengers valued at around $60,000 each.
  • In addition, he owns a Bentley worth approximately 205 thousand dollars.
  • He also bought Merck Merdes for approximately $21000 and a McLaren for nearly $195483.
  • In November 2019, he bought a new Porsche car for his family.


NBA Youngboy net worth, which was reported to be about $6 million in early 2022 reflects his success as an artist. His earnings have probably risen along with the steady popularity and large number of publications he had. As his earnings may have changed in the latest figures, this needs to be cross-checked by looking at up-to-date sources.


  • What is the monthly income of American rapper NBA Youngboy?

Ans- In total, the American rapper earns a monthly income of $750,000.


  • What is the estimated net worth of NBA Youngboy according to Forbes?

Ans- The NBA Youngboy’s net worth is nearly $10 million.


  • How many songs did NBA Youngboy make in total?

Ans- NBA Youngboy made a total of 106 singles and 26 mixtapes in his life.

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