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5 Best Data and Web Research Companies of 2024

The data research & analytics outsourcing market is booming! A recent Mordor Intelligence study predicts a staggering 34.33% growth in the next five years, reaching a market value of USD 60.02 billion. But why this sudden surge?

The answer is “an information overload.” In this digital world, valuable data is readily available on the web- from your prospects’ contact details to competitor insights.

This massive pool of data available in both structured and unstructured forms holds the key to informed decision-making and accelerated business growth. However, many businesses struggle to collect, analyze, and utilize this data due to limited time, resources, or expertise.

That is why businesses are considering outsourcing data research services to a reliable third-party provider.

But with a plethora of companies to choose from, how to decide which one will be a suitable outsourcing partner for your business needs? To help you out, our experts have shortlisted the five best data research companies after evaluating them on several parameters, like experience, client reviews, certifications, etc. Take a dig into these service providers and decide for yourself.

But before that, let’s understand:


How outsourcing data research services can help your business?

Outsourcing data and web research services to a trusted provider can help you boost your bottom line, whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise. Some of its significant benefits are:

  • Reduced overhead

Efficient data research demands skilled professionals with complete domain knowledge. Hiring subject matter experts and investing in their training & infrastructure can cost you more. Outsourcing allows you to access a vetted team of skilled professionals without the overhead costs of hiring full-time resources.

  • Improved operational efficiency

Outsourcing web data research services to experienced professionals can free up your internal resources to work on other critical business processes. As the service provider takes care of everything from data collection to cleansing, validation, and organization, you get significant time to dedicate to your in-house operations for accelerated business growth.

  • Seamless scalability

Outsourcing allows you to easily scale up or down your data research team to meet your changing business needs. This way, you can avoid the risk of hiring too many resources in-house for a short-term project or not having enough expertise for a large-scale project.

  • Access to advanced tools and resources

Another major benefit of outsourcing is that you can easily leverage cutting-edge data research tools and techniques that you might find challenging to implement or access in-house. Data research companies have sophisticated tools and streamlined processes to perform comprehensive data research without hassle.

  • High-quality and accurate data

Utilizing their expertise, rigorous quality-check processes, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, professional data research companies maintain utmost data accuracy and quality to ensure the collected information meets your expectations and needs. Their technical know-how and subject matter expertise can help you mitigate all the potential challenges and risks involved in data research & collection.


Top 5 data research companies to consider for outsourcing in 2024

After assessing more than 100 data research service providers, we handpicked these five companies based on their ability to deliver scalable and high-quality results. They stand out for their expertise and extensive experience in the field.


1. Cognism


Founded Year: 2015

Location: London, Boston, Cologne, Skopje, Zadar 

Specialized Data Research Services: B2B data collection, List building, Data cleansing & enrichment, Data verification, and Sales trend analysis


About the company

Cognism is one of the leading sales intelligence companies providing businesses with the relevant data they need to connect with prospects, explore growth opportunities, and improve the performance of their sales & marketing campaigns.

The company assists GTM leaders, sales & marketing professionals, and other departments to access direct dial contacts, prospect details, and company-specific data. 

Their solutions are specifically designed for the B2B industry and can be tailored for each department, regardless of the business size & type.

Cognism has a proprietary Google Chrome extension to scrape critical data from vast web sources (including LinkedIn) and a team of 200+ data experts to manually validate, cleanse, and update those details in clients’ existing CRMs or databases.

Till now, they have helped over 1800 revenue teams to access accurate, reliable, and compliant data for their accelerated business growth.


2. SunTec India

SunTec India

Founded Year: 1999

Location: USA (Laguna Beach, CA), UK (London), India (Delhi)

Specialized Data Research Services: Data collection and management, Web research services, LinkedIn Data Mining, Market research data processing, and Data annotation


About the company

SunTec India stands out as a trusted IT and BPM outsourcing company, empowering businesses of all sizes– from bootstrapping startups to Fortune 500 giants – worldwide.

Their primary service offerings include data, eCommerce, web and app development, photo editing, and marketing support.

They have a reputed clientele of 8530+ businesses across major countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, and the Middle East. Over the years, they have successfully delivered a diverse range of projects, from eCommerce store management to app & web development and data quality management. 

SunTec India is also recognized as a top player in the web research services industry. They empower clients to gain actionable insights, make informed decisions, and achieve their goals by facilitating tailored datasets.

Unlike most of the other data research services that rely primarily on automated tools or scrapers for collecting information, SunTec India follows a holistic approach (blending automation with human expertise) to collect, collate, and validate data

As an ISO-certified organization, they prioritize data security and quality. Their team of dedicated research specialists works with you to understand your unique business needs and data research objectives.

To meet your tailored requirements, they leverage custom APIs, scripts & manual approaches and provide you with reliable, complete, and relevant datasets that fuel your lead generation, outreach efforts, and other research initiatives. 


3. Mustard Research

Mustard Research

Founded Year: 1989

Location: Manchester, UK

Specialized Data Research Services: Brand research, Data segmentation, Data analytics, and Intent research


About the company

Mustard Research is a UK-based award-winning market research company, that helps clients improve their strategic decision-making by providing the insights they look for. With a highly skilled team of over 100 data researchers and strategists, they provide cost-effective web research solutions across a diverse range of industries, including FMCG, Retail, Finance, Real Estate, and beyond. Whether you need insights into your prospects or want to understand their buying intent, Mustard Research can help you with your tailored market intelligence needs to drive business growth.


4. Hir Infotech

Hir Infotech

Founded Year: 2013

Location: Gujarat, India

Specialized Data Research Services: Web scraping, Data mining, Web research, and Data processing


About the company

Hir Infotech is a renowned web & internet research service provider, with a presence across 52+ countries. The company offers a wide suite of data processing and research solutions, encompassing web scraping, data extraction, lead generation, data compilation, and data validation to empower businesses of all sizes, from startups to SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies.

Beyond their standard services, they also build custom automation tools like web crawlers, web spiders, bots, and scrapers for complex and high-end data research and scraping requirements.

They boast a team of veteran data professionals with extensive experience (over 10 years) in diverse industries, including Finance, Travel, Healthcare, and beyond.

This expertise, coupled with their proven track record of serving over 1500 clients globally, positions Hir Infotech as a reliable and competent partner for your data-driven needs.


5. Outsource Big Data

Outsource Big Data

Founded Year: 2012

Location: New York, United States

Specialized Data Research Services: Web scraping, Internet research, Data annotation, Data analytics


About the company

Outsource Big Data is an established AI-driven data research and labeling service provider. They are ISO-certified for data security and quality, and known for providing end-to-end IT management solutions such as RPA (research Process Automation), big data analytics, web research & scraping, and mobile app development. 

Leveraging cutting-edge AI and machine learning algorithms, they build advanced intelligence systems that grant businesses real-time insights into their products, customers, and market landscapes.

Their agile approach, powerful AI & ML solutions, and a team of skilled research experts have empowered over 750 businesses to deepen customer and prospect understanding, optimize conversions, and boost ROI.

Known for exceptional client support, the company operates 24/7, boasting a stellar 98% client retention rate.


How to choose the right data research company for your tailored needs- Factors to consider

While all these companies are known for their exceptional work quality and high-end data research services, carefully evaluating your needs is crucial before entrusting your data to any third-party provider. Selecting the right outsourcing partner for your business demands a more nuanced approach. To ensure a seamless and successful collaboration, take the time to consider these key factors:

  • Business objectives

What are you trying to achieve with the data research? Are you looking for market insights, customer feedback, or something else? Clearly defining your goals will help you narrow down potential companies

  • Years of experience

Does the company have experience working in your domain? When was the company established? Look for a company with a proven track record of success in conducting research similar to your needs.

  • Level of Expertise

Do they have skilled resources to work on your data research requirements? What level of expertise do their in-house web research professionals possess?

  • Quality of work

How accurate and relevant is the data researched and collected by the company? Do they follow a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure the highest level of accuracy?

  • Client reviews

How satisfied are their existing clients with their service quality? Ask for case studies and check their online reviews to understand what type of results they have delivered to their clients in the past.

  • Pricing structure

Do their web and internet research services fit your budget? Do they offer flexible pricing models to cater to your tailored requirements or have a fixed cost structure? Also check, if they provide you with a free sample and a detailed cost breakup for a clear understanding.

  • Data regulatory compliance

Does their web research and scraping approach comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR or CCPA? Do they have robust security measures in place to prevent data breaches and unauthorized data access? Do they sign project confidentiality agreements with clients for data privacy?

  • Scope of work

Does the company have enough resources, infrastructure, and methodologies to provide you with the type of data you require? Can they handle your scalability requirements without compromising data quality or accuracy?

  • Communication and collaboration

How will the company communicate with you during the research process? What type of support do they offer? Will they be responsive to your questions and feedback? Choose a company that offers prompt support related to your project queries and updates.

  • Methodology and approach

How will the company collect and analyze your data? Do they collect data from credible sources?  Ensure the company follows a holistic and meticulous approach to understand your requirements and collect relevant information from specified sources.

  • Certifications & recognitions

Does the company have any prestigious recognitions or certifications like ISO that solidify its position as a leading or trusted partner for data and web research services? Industry awards can be a good indicator of a company’s expertise and reputation.

We have evaluated the listed top data research companies on these above-mentioned factors and prepared a detailed comparative chart for your reference. Take a look:


Cognism SunTec India Mustard Research Hir Infotech Outsource Big Data
Years of experience 8+ years 20+ years 29+ years 10+ years 11+ years
Pricing Flexible pricing models based on client requirements Flexible pricing models based on requirements Flexible pricing models based on client requirements One-time project costs start from $99 Starting at $5 per hour
Prominent awards & certifications ISO-certified for data security, Received numerous badges/awards by G2 for its high-end lead mining services ISO-certified for data security and quality, HIPAA compliant, Clutch Champion and Global Award Winner 2023, “Top IT services company” recognized by Selected Firms, Featured by Gartner as one of the top global representative providers for data validation and enrichment services. NA NA ISO-certified for data quality & security, HIPAA compliant, “Top Business Services Company” recognized by GoodFirms
Client support Provides support over email and chat Provides support (24/7) over email, call and chat Provides support over email and call Provides support (24/7) over email, call and chat Provides support (24/7) over email, call and chat

Key takeaway

Choosing the right data research partner is an investment for your business. By carefully considering your specific needs and goals, alongside the factors outlined in this guide, you can identify a reliable and professional web research service provider who can deliver the insights you need to drive conversions, outperform competitors, truly understand your customers, or meet your specific research goals. Don’t hesitate to delve deeper into your data format preferences, desired security levels, and ultimate objectives – clarity on these points will empower you to make the right decision for your business.

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