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Bert Kreischer net worth

Bert Kreischer net worth: Stand-Up Laughter to $14M Net Worth

Life is so great when you get to meet people who inspire you in life. Some lift you and some throw humor to put a smile on your face, only to discover that not everyone wants to have a good laugh. Well, Bert Kreischer is one of the guys who can make you roll on the floor with laughter. So have you ever wondered about Bert Kreischer net worth?

If not, let us have a look at this remarkable comedian and see how he made the journey to Bert Kreischer net worth of a whopping $14 million. 


 Bert Kreischer, who is he?

Bert Kreischer is a comedian that hails from America in Florida he is 51 years old born November 3, 1972, in Saint Petersburg, and was raised in Tampa.

His father was a real estate attorney doing well for himself, and Bert’s mother worked as an early childhood developer. His parents sent him to a private secondary school.

After high school, he attended Florida State University where he majored in English and became a member of the Alpha Tau fraternity.

During his 6th year, he appeared in the movie National Lampoon but said he wouldn’t deal with them legally for appearing in the movie without his permission.


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How did Bert’s stardom begin?

Bert tried his luck as a stand-up comedian at Potbelly Bar/nightclub, which is situated in Tallahassee, Florida then he moved to New York when his tape of him doing what he knows best was shared with the talent manager, who invited him to come and watch comedy shows in the city.

He managed to get himself a gig at a comedy club in Boston. Bert performed in all of his shows without a top and loved to tell his audience stories, especially the story where he talks about nearly getting a nickname called “the machine”, where he was helping dangerous people who were Russians rob a train on his way to Russia as a varsity student taking a  school trip there.


Bert Kreischer Net Worth

Bert Kreischer net worth is  $14 million which includes him putting his hands in the podcast industry where he appeared in Two Bears One Cage with Tom Segura and The Bill and Bert podcast.

Bert also founded and produced Bertcast which focused on comedy-related information and also through TV shows named Trip Flip and Bert the Conqueror. He also decided to broadcast his shows on Netflix such as, Hey Big Boy and Secrete Time which put him on the map as one of the greatest comedians of all time and the audience needed his work.

Bert Kreischer appeared on WTF alongside Mac Maron et. Comedy Central Premium made a deal with him along with VH-1 for some coins to take home.


In the end, Bert shows us that life can be fun if we live it to the fullest and we should have a laugh here and there without robbing ourselves of seeing life in a positive light. Some people would laugh at themselves for making mistakes and also when they face breakthroughs they never imagined would be possible through laughter. So let’s live a little and laugh more to bring some life into your life.


What is Bert Kreischer net worth?

Bert Kreischer net worth is $14 million which he got from TV shows and podcasts.


Where did Bert attend university?

Bert attended Florida State University.


What is Bert well known for?

Bert is a comedian who started doing stand-up comedy in varsity.

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