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5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important For Your Business in 2021

10 Engaging Social Media Content to Crush Your Competitors

You’re well aware that you’ll need to generate new social media content ideas to keep your followers engaged and attract new followers to your account. However, being creative daily and delivering gold content across multiple platforms can be exhausting.

As a result, we’re here to assist. With this cheat sheet of solid content concepts for each major social channel, you’ll keep your social media strategy current. You’ll never again be faced with a blank content calendar.

1. Begin by establishing a daily, weekly, or monthly series.

If you turn a great idea into a recurring series, it can catalyze additional great content.

It’s far easier to incorporate a special guest or topic into an established format than it is to start each week from scratch, and your audience will appreciate the consistency in their otherwise chaotic lives.

2. Host a contest or raffle

People adore freebies.

Double fact: a giveaway is a simple and effective way to fill a gap in your content calendar quickly.

Include a product shot and instructions on entering, as Fig. does here, and your Wednesday afternoon Instagram post is complete.

3. Organize an AMA

Use a “ask me anything” live stream session to pique your audience’s insatiable curiosity.

Tip: Consider narrowing the focus of your AMA to a single subject, such as your latest collection or entrepreneurship.

Some people prefer to live stream on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, answering questions from the comments in real-time. Others prefer to use the Question stickers to create a series of Instagram Stories, as congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did with her AMA on Covid vaccines.

4. Conceive and execute a social media takeover

Whether you partner with a large influencer or a micro-influencer with a dedicated following (as Everlane did with an LA-based photographer), handing over the keys to your social account to someone with a passionate following can increase engagement sales and Instagram followers uk. Additionally, it can save you a day or a week of content planning. Score!

5. Distribute some pertinent content

As we stated in our comprehensive guide to content curation, “curated content is content created by others that you choose to share on social media.” This could be a useful blog post from a relevant company, expert advice from an appropriate thought leader, or anything else you believe your audience will appreciate and enjoy.”

In other words, if there is an excellent article, Pin, Tweet, or Youtube video that your audience would enjoy, why not share it?

Curated content can help your brand appear to have its finger on the pulse and to be in it to engage and build community, not just to brag about yourself.

6. Use your content in new ways

If you’ve written an amazing blog post, why not create some Instagram graphics featuring quotes? Or create a video inspired by the content for Facebook sharing?

When you limit your sharing to a single platform, you miss opportunities to connect with audiences who follow you on other platforms.

This is not to say that it should be a straightforward copy-paste or cross-post: this is about repurposing previously published ideas. As Hootsuite did with this quick TikTok video summarizing the findings from a blog post about a social media experiment:

7. Organize a competition

The viral challenges on the internet typically involve dance moves or eating something disgusting. However, you are not required to go quite that far.

Ruggable video, for example, challenged its followers to “create havoc” and send videos or photos. These were then combined to create a video demonstrating the washability of the product and thanking fans.

8. Produce a how-to manual or tutorial

Create a tutorial or how-to video to demonstrate your expertise. This increases the perceived value of your followers and establishes you as a true authority in your area of expertise (or at least gives you cred as an entertainer)

9. Mark the occasion as “National Whatever Day!”

There are a trillion odd holidays — you might as well use them as inspiration.

10. Meme creation

By functioning in silly trending meme formats, you can demonstrate your brand’s sense of humor or deliver your message in a lighthearted manner.

Wendy’s jumped on board when people created hyper-specific Spotify playlists to tell a story through song titles. And, indeed, we would jam to this.

11. Make customers the center of attention

With a regular customer spotlight feature, you can showcase what your fans and customers are up to. It promotes your product or service at digital marketing trends without being overly promotional and provides an opportunity for your fans to feel proud or special.

12. Conduct a poll titled “This or That.”

We are in a society that is becoming increasingly polarized… Why not lean into it and force your followers to choose a side immediately?

Perhaps you’ll incite a lively (engagement-boosting!) debate, or perhaps you’ll learn something about customer preferences. That is a win in either case.

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