How to Write Investment Commentary People Will Read

Investment commentary consists of several numbers that include benchmarks, portfolio returns, economic data, and more. A well-described commentary with facts and figures increases your credibility among your clients and prospects. Here are the practical tips for how you can create a compelling and persuasive investment commentary.

Ideas for writing Investment Commentary people will read

  • Answer clients for WIIFM (What is in it for me?)

It is necessary to appeal to your readers’ and prospects’ WIIFM. They want to know, ‘What’s in it for me if I read your commentary?’ Therefore, tell them how your article will transform their portfolios. Answer the questions asked by your clients, prospects, and referral sources. For example, you need to answer how market situations may hit their portfolios and how you can adjust their portfolios according to those conditions. This creates a high possibility of converting casual readers into clients.

  • Choose a theme and organize your ideas before you prepare a draft.

It is necessary to organize your ideas before you write to gain an adequate flow with your words. This would help you in avoiding having to edit your piece later. It is a great mind mapping tool for effective writing. The audience wants to find solutions to their problems. While working on this blueprint of your ideas, ask, ‘Why do the readers care about this?’ and run the theme throughout your commentary.

  • Be provocative 

When you issue an investment commentary, it is re-hashed with the past quarter’s market conditions and performance. Therefore, it is advised to add another topic to your commentary, for example, an opinion on a relevant piece of news. You can compete efficiently for attention by including more fast-breaking news. This can take your commentary in unexpected positive directions and make your commentary stand out from others. 

  • Rush to your point quickly. 

Everybody is busy and no one, including your client, has the time to wade through thousands of tough words. It is always best to express your crucial opinion at the start of your commentary itself.

  • Let your readers scan the headings 

Make your headings informative. You do not know how many clients will skim through the commentary and how many will go through it entirely. Many readers may skim through the headings instead of reading the post word by word to find the relevant section. Therefore, it is necessary to make the headings and subheadings informative. You can keep your clients at ease by using informative headings and strong yet straightforward sentences. It helps readers to stick with you longer. For instance, address market outlook with an expressive header and instead of simply mentioning ‘Market Outlook,’ you can specify ‘Market Outlook:  Recession Likely, volatile stocks.’ 

  • Quickly move to the next commentary 

As soon as a quarter ends, collect materials for the next quarter. It will help if you start collecting ideas for the next quarter. 

Keep the content ready and simply drop in updated statistics at the last minute, for example, index returns. You will have enough time to explain complex ideas clearly and refine your commentary after finding errors when you copy, edit, or proofread.

By the time you are creating a blueprint of your ideas, you can test them on social media by updating a provocative status. It will help you to determine what attracts your clients. Smaller companies can benefit over larger companies with this. However, ensure that the compliance policies allow this. 

Or you can simply use the commentary provided by professionals. They add value to a commentary by highlighting how the content relates to your audience.

  • Attractive Formatting

Further, it will be best if you keep its format attractive. Bullet points and graphics can easily enhance visual appeal. Charts and Graphs appeal to clients as they can absorb information better through them than through text. Simply put your graphs next to the words explaining them.

Active sentences keep the reading flow at best and make it more understandable. Keep sentences shorter to convey a more transparent relationship between cause and effect. 

  • Check with your compliance. 

Of course, regular investment commentary requires a check on your compliance with legal experts. It is necessary to ensure that you do not promise too much that may expose you to unnecessary actions from investors.


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