Why Should You Consider CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad?

Secondary education in India begins at 8th std and then is carried on for a further two years (classes IX and X). 

At the end of the Secondary School (class X), students have to undertake board examinations and earn a Secondary School Certificate  (SSC) in order to be eligible for senior secondary school.

In a  Secondary School, education is differentiated in varying degrees and it is the most crucial year of students which is also a gateway to a successful professional life in the future. 

Secondary education offers subjects like Humanities, Science, Commerce, Vocational, and Language, where the focus is on self-learning and experiential learning so that the students are prepared for higher studies in universities. CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad emphasize conceptual understanding, application of knowledge, use of technology and processes and skills, etc. It also develops a positive attitude to think, analyze logically and use problem-solving approaches.

Are you looking for the best secondary school for your child and confused about which board to opt for? Then this article will clear all your confusion.

The longest-running debate of the Indian education sector is which board is best for its students?  If you are also the one that is looking for the answer then you can rely on the CBSE board.

Features of CBSE Curriculum

  1. The syllabus is designed and appropriate for all countries 
  2. No Child will fail till 8th grade.
  3. In CBSE, the board exam is optional for Class X and compulsory for Class XII
  4. Secondary Schools also have subjects like Information and Communication Technology and Economics. After 10th-grade children can opt for diverse subjects that can help them in their future studies. 
  5. CBSE Students have 3 streams after the 10th grade that is Science, Commerce, and the humanities stream where they can  choose as per their interest for their future professions.
  6. Grading in the CBSE is judged on the basis of 3 things, i.e, individual activity, group activity, and final exams. 

Benefits of CBSE Board

  • Students passing from the CBSE board have a better probability of achieving good scores in competitive exams in India and abroad.
  • It is a lot more student-friendly compared to other boards in India. The course is designed in a way to keep the learning interactive and to relieve unnecessary pressure of exams.
  • There is also flexibility where students can focus and pursue their field of interest. 
  • CBSE board is known for quality education which ensures the overall development (physical and mental growth) of the children. 
  • CBSE rigorous curriculum prepares every student to face challenges
  • No struggle to find a CBSE School even if you relocate to different places; there are approximately 24,000 schools in India and 240 schools in 28 foreign countries
  • CBSE focuses equally on two main languages in India (English and Hindi) 
  • The CBSE board had adopted an international approach to the evaluation system and the examination pattern.
  • CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad  provide ample scope for physical, intellectual and social development. The CBSE curriculum is known for developing practical knowledge and polishing inherent talent and developing real-life skills so that they shine in all walks of life.
  • It takes classroom learning to another level by connecting it with the outside world and promoting active learning among students.
  • CBSE schools have also taken care of the special needs of some students by providing quality education where each child’s individual needs are understood and they are assigned special teachers who counsel them and provide the learning material like audio or other formats, pictures, captions, largest prints, and sign-language options so that they understand and learn in a better way.

Here are the reasons why you should consider CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad?

CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad is awarded for Teaching Excellence and has set the benchmark by providing outstanding NextGen teaching and learning facilities. It has emerged as a pioneer institution with a well-structured curriculum, ultra-modern technologies, professional faculty, etc. Teachers provide complete support to students in the curriculum through the best resources and training. Students are assessed continuously and are given guidance to focus on their strengths and improve upon weaknesses. It has organized management and administration processes and is recognised for its consistent academic excellence of its students over the years.

GIIS is one of the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad which is known for its excellence in educational outcomes.

Along with it , the unique curriculum is known for various other reasons like :-

  • 9 GEMS
  • ‍Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Co-Curricular Activities
  • Facilities

So what else do you need to ace your Secondary School education?


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