What Are the Risks of a Bone Marrow Transplant?

Best BMT or (Bone Marrow Transplant) hospitals in India have come up with minimally invasive procedures for transplants to ensure a safe and healthy post-operative recovery. With improving technology, nothing is left which is impossible or difficult to perform. But with every asset comes some risks which one has to tackle.

In this regard, one must be totally in line with the risks they and their loved ones may have to face if they’re planning to undergo a bone marrow transplant. 

The most common issue a patient faces is bruising at the incision and surgical site, which can lead to discomfort, especially when the stitches dry up. This dry-up can further lead to permanent skin discoloration and soreness, which has to be treated with painkillers and antiseptic ointments. Moreover, if the patient undergoing the process is middle-aged, there might be long-term infertility. But that too has an alternative now with IVF and other test-tube baby options.  

Another risk one can to go through is that stem cell transplant is a methodology of radiation, which can weaken the patient’s immune system forever. So one has to be very careful, and they must have a recommended regimen of multivitamins and must contact a dietician to keep their vitals under control. 

However, the best BMT hospitals in India now come with a separate cath lab for this specific process. Yet the risk of a secondary infection cannot be ruled out. Thus, post-surgery, there has to be a constant check on the surgical site to establish the fact that no sepsis or germ-induced infection has set in. For this, doctors recommend keeping their patients for 72 hours in an Intensive care unit (ICU) as the high sanitization standards keep the infection away. Yet, the immediate side effects are common to everyone, including overall fatigue, which stays on till the effect of the anesthesia remains. The patients may also feel the inability to taste food and a general loss of appetite. In such cases, doctors suggest the usage of a semi-liquid diet to prevent the risk of diarrhea. In addition, most doctors recommend keeping their patients on medication that helps them overcome the weakness and compensate for the diet loss they are facing. Patients who have been advised the transplant for treating their cancer, especially thalassemia, need to get themselves checked at least thrice a year to check the remission of their cancer.

Moreover, the patients have to go through a long medication phase to make the body accept the new bone marrow transplant in the body and ensure a full recovery. It can also be problematic when it comes down to inflammation as it can lead to fever and palpitations, deteriorating the recovery process.

When we talk about the risks of Bone Marrow Transplant, doctors often say that the patients must be tested for allergic reactions to all medicines. If they have a history of any surgical procedure, their last records might be used to determine which anesthesia might suit them the best in preoperative surgical care. The reason allergic reactions are checked is to not create added complications as it might lead to issues with the heart or swift blood pressure changes, which are not a good sign for such surgical procedures. The patients are also strictly recommended to stay away from tobacco and alcohol consumption to initiate faster recovery and prevent immediate side effects, further leading to pneumonia and liver problems. After the bone marrow transplant, the patients are recommended to go for soft walking and other short exercises instead of strenuous activities for rehabilitation. Strenuous workouts can lead to cramps in various parts of the body, leading to excessive pain and fever, adding to the woes of a BMT patient. 

After going through a bone marrow transplant, the patients are strictly recommended to follow all the above pieces of advice without fail. With these factors in mind, a patient must keep consulting their doctors periodically to effectively recover from a transplant and thus lead a happy and healthy life. 

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