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This website will help you activate the Les Mills on-demand on your TV. So you can enjoy unlimited workout and fitness videos at your home only.

All you need to do is follow instructions and adjust it with your TV. This article will teach you how to install and activate it on your device and enjoy unlimited workout videos.

All the devices such as iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku support the Les mills on demand. Apart from videos, you can also access offline videos, connect with workout teachers, and get opinions about yourself.

Check out in this article how you can install the on your TV in a very easy. So please stick to the article until the end and apply it yourself.

How to Get an App on TV?

First, you have to download the LES MILLS + app on your TV device.

As you click on Sign In with the help of the activation code, it will allow you to sign in on the platform.

The new users have to click on the signup button and create an account. It will be verified, and then you can use it.

If you’re already logged in, select next after entering your email address.

Now open the email, verify it, and then return to this link

Now enter the code on your TV device and click on Connect Device.

You can enjoy all kinds of workout videos on your TV screen as it gets connected now.

How to Install and Activate on Roku?

Well, Les Mills on Demand is available on Roku, but you have to go with a monthly subscription that starts at $14.99.

You can also go with a 3-month plan for $35.97 or with a yearly plan of $118.88 annually.

To install the device on Roku, you need to open the Roku homepage on the TV screen and search for the Les Mills on Demand on the search box.

When you get it, just download and install it on the TV and then click on OK to enjoy it.

As you Sign in on the Roku device, it will generate the activation code you need to enter on this website and click on the Activate button and get ready to enjoy the Les Mills on Demand on your Roku TV now.

If you want, then you can uninstall the subscription with the help of this link

How to Install and Activate on Apple TV?

It is mandatory to connect both devices to the internet.

Now navigate the apple store on the home screen and search for Les Mills on Demand.

Just install and download the app on your device immediately as you get the app.

Now open the app on your TV home screen and log in with your account.

As you open the account, you can copy the activation code and open this link on your web browser and paste code into it and activate the app on your TV home screen.

Connect the device and enjoy your workout videos anytime.

To unsubscribe from Apple TV, you have to go with this link

How to Install and Activate on Fire TV?

Open the Amazon app on your TV home screen, search for Les Mills on Demand, and sign in.

When it generates the activation code, just copy it and go to the activation page on your device and log in.

As you enter the device, paste the activation code and connect it with the device. Now all the channels are loaded, and you’re ready to watch.

You have to activate it with the help of a browser and go to this link, you open this link, paste the activation code here as well, and now you’re ready to watch the TV.

Connect it with the same account and click on the Next button, so now you’re ready to watch it.

You can manage or cancel a subscription with this link

How to Install and Activate on Android TV?

Turn on the TV and search for the Les Mills on Demand on the search box.

As it opens, just leave it there and go to the Google Play Store on your device and click on download and then install it.

Go to the home screen and open the app after the installation.

To get the activation code on your TV screen, you have to log in to the app with your credentials.

Now go to this website, add the activation code, and click on Connect Device to enjoy the workout videos.

Well, to unsubscribe or deactivate, you can visit here. They will provide you with all types of help on this platform

If you’re having difficulties canceling your membership there, go to

How to Install and Activate on Xbox App?

In the same way, you have to download and install the Xbox App on your device and open it on your TV screen to get the activation code.

Now open the app store, download and install the app, and log in with your credentials.

As you open the app, copy the code and then go to this link to paste the activation code and click on “Connect Device”.

Now you’re ready to watch all the fitness videos.

Troubleshoot Mobile App Issues:

If you’re finding any trouble while opening the Les Mills on Demand app on your android device or iOS device, then follow the below instructions to resolve it as soon as possible.

Restart your smartphone and try the process again.

If still, it is not working, then try another option. Close the app, turn off the device, disconnect the WiFi, turn it on again, and try to connect again.

You can also reinstall the app and then try again.

It is mandatory that the app is compatible with your OS

For iOS users, the operating system must be version 12.0 or higher.

For Android, it must be 5.0 or higher.


Well, all the above instructions are helpful to install the Les Mills on Demand on your TV, and you can enjoy it anytime. These videos are beneficial and help you to maintain weight. Apart from this, if you have any other information that you think is helpful for our readers, let us know and contact us anytime.

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