How do I use setup wizard on Android?

Have you heard about the term Setup Wizard on your Android Sources! If yes or no, the article takes off to give all the essential information about this source. The applications are increasing regularly to get more features and specifications to improve the power of Android Services. To know the exact and real information about this service, follow the upcoming subject. Without losing time, let’s get it into the topic. 

What is Setup Wizard?

Basically, this Setup Wizard is Known for being an application to everyone. This plays a major role on each and Android device. It’s a part of all mobile phones. This is a pre-installed application on your device. It helps you to manage your user applications. 

This offers various and different types of functions and features. The major responsibility of this source is to offer a premium license and also it gives permission to restore the past applications on your fresh mobile. You can easily install the custom ROM with the enable option of Setup Wizard. Here, you can easily divide your application with the use of this setup Wizard. 


As you know the basic information of Setup Wizard in the above subject. Now, you are going to be a knowledgeable person on this source setup. Because this subject elucidates the special features of setup wizards. So, if anyone has a doubt about this setup wizard, there you are the only person to get credits after explaining the major details of Setup Wizard. Let’s enter into the features of Setup Wizard. You can also read about Lenox media player.

  • The initial implementation of this source is to assist the user to handle the android device. 
  • It can internalize the applications which are already installed in a form of categories. 
  • This offers multiple profiles from various devices for premium users. 
  • It’s very useful and acceptable to the users who are using the android phone commonly. 
  • You can easily search for the applications and get back your recently installed applications too. 
  • Premium users can easily utilize this backup specification. 

How to set up a Setup Wizard on Android?

The one thing, you have to remind me is if you buy a new mobile, you need to set up your process. Otherwise, once you reset or reboot your Android device, you need to do the same steps. This is known as the setup wizard function. Do follow the steps. 

  1. The initial step is, you need to select your convenient language to set up your wizard on your Android device. 
  2. Now, you can see options to change the font size too. You can change it as per your choice. 
  3. At this time, you have to select the Start option, following it, you have to choose the menu option.
  4. The major part is, you need to connect the internet connection. For that, you have to choose the network and then type the password. 
  5. You are able to view the license agreements. Read it carefully. 
  6. There is further information on diagnostic and usage details. You can select the yes or no option according to your wish. 
  7. Now, time to set up your Google account, if you do not have an account, you can create a new account and follow the upcoming details. 
  8. The process will come to an end. Your Setup process on your Android device is successfully over. 

Note: For some other Android devices, you may have further options to make your setup process complete.


What is Setup Wizard?

This is a tool for Android Devices. It is used to manage your applications. This is an in-built application on all android devices. 

How to skip the Google Setup Wizard?

In Setup, Google stays a part of that on your Android Operating System. So, there is no further option to skip it. If you want to skip it, you can use the provisioner of Honeywell. 

Final Verdict

This is the basic information about this setup on Android Devices. Now, you will be clear about what is Wizard, the features of Setup Wizard, and how to set up it on your Android devices, and furthermore details. I hope, now you are very much aware of this Source. Use this article when you want to use this Setup Wizard, and have a doubt about using the source. It will help you now and forever. 

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