The Route to Attaining Canada Work Visa

A Canada work visa is a permit required by foreign citizens for working in Canada for a particular period of time. They are distributed into two categories:

  • Open Work Permit: This type of permit gives the individual the permission to work for any company in Canada, other than the ones that have been specifically listed out as ineligible. The permit specifically restricts the holder to work for a company that offers services, such as erotic massages, dance, striptease and the like.
  • Employer Specific Work Visa: This kind of permit allows the holder to work specifically for the employer mentioned in the permit. Because The holder is liable to follow all the directives mentioned in the permit.

What are the documents required for obtaining the work visa?

A list of documents that shall be required has been reproduced hereunder for your reference:

  1. Income tax returns
  2. Original passport with validity
  3. Expired or cancelled passports
  4. Bank statements
  5. Details of qualifications along with proof such as mark sheets, degrees and certificates.
  6. Details of work experience
  7. Copy of appointment and relieving letters
  8. Job offer for the employer
  9. Copy of marriage certificate and your child’s birth certificate
  10. Family information form
  11. Proof of income from other sources
  12. Contact details

What is the process to apply for a Canada work visa?

Visit the official website of the Government of Canada.Visit the official website of the Government of Canada.
Look for the option reading ‘immigration and citizenship.’Look for the option reading ‘immigration and citizenship.’
Find the work option to look for the page.Choose the ‘my application’ option.
Locate the ‘work permit’ option.Locate the option of ‘find forms and guides.’
Select the type of worker.Look for the option of application for a work permit made outside Canada.
Choose ‘apply for a work permit.’Download the form from the ‘get the form option.’
For details, refer to the ‘how to apply’ tab.Fill in all the relevant details.
Choose the place form where you are applying for a Canada work visa.Schedule an appointment at the VAC referred to as Visa Application Centre.
Select the option for application for working in Canada.Submit the application in hard copy.
Choose your home country and select online mode.Visit the centre and complete the biometric procedures.
If you already have an existing account, sign in. If not, create an account.Attend the visa interview if you are called for it.
Fill the form that opens up with your details and submit.Successful candidates then receive approval from the Canadian embassy or the consulate.
Enclose the supporting documents and pay the fees. 
Schedule an appointment with the Canada Visa Application Centre. 
Visit the centre and complete the biometric procedures. 
Attend the visa interview if you are called for it. 
Successful candidates then receive approval from the Canadian embassy or the consulate.  

What is the fee for the Canada Work Visa?

The fee payable is divide into different components. One is the application fee, and the other is the biometric fee. The application fees are CAD 155/- for individual applicants, while the biometric fee is CAD 85 per person or CAD 170 per family with at least two members. On the other hand, for group applicants consisting of at least three applicants, the application fees are CAD 465, and the Biometric fee is CAD 255.

The fees as aforesaid can be paid by the applicant online or during the visit to the Visa Application Centre. Because The local currency is accepted at the Visa Application Centre, and all forms of debit and credit cards are accepted online.

Who can apply?

The following categories of workers can apply for a Canada work visa:

  1. Agricultural Workers: The seasonal agricultural work program hires individuals who are eligible to apply for a Canada work visa.
  2. Students: International students can work on-campus or off-campus. They are eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit or permanent immigration.
  3. The Canada International Experience: The contenders are invited to participate in the International Experience Canada Pool and apply for a work permit.
  4. Permanent workers: To immigrate as skilled workers to Canada, individuals can apply for a work permit.
  5. Temporary Workers: In contrast to the above, open work permits and specific employer permits are also allotted to the applicants based on their qualifications and work. Because This kind of permit can later be extend or change.
  6. Business Applicants: Business visitors such as professionals, investors, and traders can also apply for a work visa.


To conclude, the official portal of immigration, refugees, and Citizenship Canada has all the desired information about working in Canada. Hire the best consultant for Canada PR for a smooth and easy process. IRCC is the responsible authority for managing the citizenship, and immigration, and refugees in Canada.           


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