Protect Your Business from Physical and Cyber Crime

The challenges faced by businesses and critical infrastructure operations are becoming even more varied. Gone are the days where physical threats were the most detrimental security risks. Threats now come in many shapes and forms, from vandals and robberies to cyber hackers breaching internet security and accessing all sorts of important information.

Now more than ever, it’s becoming a top priority to incorporate higher security measures into your company. There are certain measures you can implement to minimalize these threats…

Is security part of your culture?

Whatever industry you specialize in, it’s important to instill security into your core values. Security awareness needs to be built upon and revised so that it’s in every fiber of your company’s processes and decisions. Whether it’s knowing how to act when protecting yourself from any physical risks like a robbery, or protecting your cyber assets through complicated password protection systems.

Do cybersecurity threats pose a real risk?

Today, everything is technologically connected, from your phone to your laptop, to your tablet. This makes it easier for hackers to breach your company’s security and access important information.

The more technologically focused a company becomes, the more chance there is of being a cyber security breach. Digital crime costs the world hundreds of billions of pounds every year, where hackers can access merchandise route information, financial details and other sensitive information.

Cyber security attacks are almost inevitable, no matter how many security systems you have in place, there may be a small hole that a hacker can get in through. One of the most important things you need to do is to make sure you have layers between systems – if your customer data is hidden behind an extra wall, it is going to be safer.

It’s the same principle as physically protecting your assets, you wouldn’t have your company safe out on the street, they would be behind walls. Take this idea and make it work for your important data.

Do you have the basics sorted?

If we move away from cyber security, there are physical measures that are also put in place to help protect your business (whatever that may be).

If you are a shop, nightclub, or even bank owner, then hiring security guards to protect yourself, your employees and your assets could not only prevent the crimes but could also be a deterrent from potential threats. K9 protection units are frequently used as a deterrent for vandals or potential threats in industrial sites and the critical control world – they have the capability of providing the same protection as 8 security guards.

Aside from the traditional security measures being taken, drone trackers and sensors have been installed into critical infrastructure systems and industrial sites to prevent thieves, hackers, and vandals from gaining access to any sensitive information or footage.

 Break-ins happen, cybersecurity breaches happen. The world is a cold place and these things are inevitable. If you’re a smart business owner, you will put in extra measures to deter and prevent these things from happening to you.

Boris Petrov

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