How to wash modern furniture and couch covers and keep them clean

To ensure that you get the most of your patio furniture cover, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  • It’s important to keep the weather forecast in mind before cleaning and washing the covers. A neutral windy and cloudy day is suitable for contemporary outdoor furniture.
  • If there’s forecast of heavy rainfall or extreme heat, you know what to do.
  • Use the covers only if the furniture is completely dry. If your armchair or sofa is damp, you just need to tap the moisture or water under the cover.
  • Do remember that enclosed environment and caged moisture is the perfect recipe for mold and mildew.
  • Don’t place any object atop the covers. It could be tempting to place the planters around or on the furniture to receive optimal watering or resources in the event of a downpour.

Don’t leave planters or pots on the covers as they trap moisture and produce marks.

Washing couch cushion covers

The entire ballgame depends on the fabric your cushions and furniture comprise. You can ask your furniture manufacture or store if you can wash the covers in the washing machine.

  • Keep in mind that you don’t create every fabric in the same vein. In case of upholstery fabric, you can weave it in multiple fibers, stabilizing the same with backing variations. There are premier companies that help in categorizing the different fabric textures and lines on the basis of their grip and specialties.
  • You can go for upholstery fabric that’s non-machine washable and backed, depending on your application. There are machine-washable, non-backed upholstery for pet beds and slipcovers as well.
  • If your area has egregious weather conditions, it’s prudent to go for outdoor-resistant furniture fabric. They are ideal for outdoor furniture, which you install under a porch or by the pool.
  • It’s in your best interest to contact the store or upholsterer to understand your sofa fabric’s material.
  • There are some fabrics that you cannot wash in the washing machine because of the weaving fiber. Machine washing might even damage or discolor the cushion casing.

The casing could possibly elongate and stretch, making the sofa look fatigued. The fabric can also shrink after cleaning and washing. Experts recommend consulting the furniture store or upholsterer before doing the needful.

Cleaning special covers

There are certain types of couches and furniture covers that can handle or pacify bleach. They won’t damage the fabric. You need dry cloths, bleach, mild soap, water, spray bottle, and sponge.

After prepping the area, blot the liquid spills with a clean, dry cloth. You need to brush any loose dirt and debris off the surface.

After preparing the bleach solution, apply its mist with the spray bottle. The solution will take around 15 minutes to soak into the upholstery fabric. Unlike other covers, you can gently scrub these furniture covers. Apply the solution in the right areas and scrub them with a soft bristle brush or sponge.

A pro tip is to work from the stain’s outside and go inwards. It won’t spread the marks to other areas.

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