How to Reduce Children’s Screen Time to Promote Healthy Lifestyle

We are aware of the importance of technology in the current world and its positive impact. Your child may require a tablet or computer to learn new concepts. However, it can soon turn into an addiction with endless hours of online gaming and screen time.

The playgrounds are not the place to find the children in the urban areas where gadgets are easily accessible. They spend more time in the lobby of games or social media with some serious consequences. Parents want their children to reduce their screen time and focus on physical health for their overall wellbeing.

Reasons to Cut Screen time

Many parents ignore the digital addiction of children because they are not getting in any trouble. However, it will have many negative impacts on their health and development. Kids are more prone to obesity if they don’t perform enough exercise because of a lazy lifestyle.

Social media is a world where people share the good moments of their life. It has become a common reason for depression and other serious mental conditions. The digital screen will affect your sleep cycle to hurt your energy levels the next day.

Other reasons to cut screentime include reducing focus and productivity. The constant temptation to check the notifications and the decreasing attention span is the outcome of technology. Therefore, you must take measures to control the screentime of your children.

Tips to Cut the Screen time of Children

It will take some good parenting skills to prevent the children from becoming digital screen addicts. You cannot avoid the use of gadgets, but moderation is possible. Following are some tips to cut the screentime of your children for their overall wellbeing.

Lead with an Example

You should start improving your habits at home to set the right example.  You cannot expect the children to accept your decision to cut their screentime while you binge-watch for hours. The hypocrisy will only create a rebellious feeling to increase trouble for you.

Therefore, limit the use of gadgets with a digital screen at home. You can spend time reading novels or communicating with family members. The kids may feel inspired by your actions to cut their screen time.

Set Realistic Goals

It is impossible to eliminate technology from our daily life in the present world. Your kids will require gadgets for their education and communication. Therefore, it makes more sense to set achievable goals instead of some unrealistic ones, such as the complete elimination of gadgets.

You can ask them to reduce the screen time gradually. 15 minutes increment every week will reduce the stress of a sudden lifestyle change. Moreover, you should make changes to the goals if they seem too hard to achieve for the kids.

Educate Yourself

You should spend some time on research before forming an opinion. Technology can help improve their grades at school or cause distraction from their studies. It is on you and your children to make the best use of available resources.

Learn about their requirements from the technology to provide only the essential gadgets. They may require a high-end device for app development or designing not to play the latest games. Though, you can increase the affordability of these devices with easy loans from direct lenders.

No Gadget Zones

No gadget zones are a popular modern strategy for parents to reduce the screen time of children. They can use the gadgets only at certain places such as living room couch or terrace. Certain spots will remain free from the gadgets to focus on designated tasks for the space.

Your kid should not use gadgets while sitting at the dining table. Similarly, ask them to leave the gadgets outside the bedroom to focus on their sleep. Prepare yourself for some resistance since they may not like the decision of taking away the gadgets from the bedroom.

Reward Them

You should reward your children for their efforts to promote good behaviour. If they are successful at achieving the set goals, you should celebrate the achievement with a gift. It is an age-old strategy for parents to motivate their children.

Now, deciding the reward is not as easy as it sounds because of the limited budget and various other constraints. Do not offer another gadget as a gift to lose the purpose of the entire activity. You can invest in experiences such as vacation with unsecured loans after achieving the major goals.

Educate Your Children About Screen Time

You should educate your children about the negative impact of excessive use of technology. Children should also spend time on physical activities for their overall development. You cannot micromanage them amid the constant struggle to maintain a work-life balance.

Spend some time explaining the importance of moderate use of technology for their health and development. They should understand the reason for your decision to cut their screen time. Otherwise, it will be a constant battle with them to force them not to use gadgets more than the acceptable time.

Spend Time with Your Kids

More importantly, you should find time in your schedule to spend it with your children. It will help them to cut their screentime for some other fun activity outside the digital world. You can take them to a park or sports complex to play a game every other day.

Some people even prefer the long drives with takeaway food to spend quality time with their family. However, the activities should remain frequent since the weekend getaway may not help them cut the screen time. At least spend half-hour after dinner with them with a conversation about the stuff happening in their life or around you.


To sum up, you should not force your decisions on children without a transparent approach to win their trust and support. A few extra efforts can make them understand the reasons for your concerns for serious problems such as gadget addiction. Moreover, they will require some alternatives to these gadgets to spend their spare time outside school.

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