How To Immigrate To Canada?

There are very strict customs and laws that are prevalent in Saudi Arabia. Though one can live a comfortable life because of material riches there but there are instances where residents from this country want to move and settle down to a different country like Canada. It is true that countries like Canada is liberal and have more prominent social and democratic rights. 

Canada is a country which has always welcomed people from other countries with open arms. Hence, most people from different countries actually think that it is one of the best possible countries to move in or to migrate to. One can visit the Canadian consulate in Saudi Arabia and see what the different want to choose from the migration are. There are 3 major ways in which one can attain a permanent residency in Canada if one is currently located in Saudi Arabia:

  • The very first and the most common way is known as the express entry system. Here, fortnightly draws are held in order to have this express entry. One needs a certain mark to qualify for these draws. Once one achieves that, then one will be able to secure a slot for the permanent residency. This is totally a point based system.
  • The second pathway is known as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program or the QSWP. This is another point based program which is related to the Quebec province of Canada. The shortlisted candidates here are given a CSQ under this program. With that, one can apply for a permanent residency visa in Canada.
  • The last option is known as the Provincial Nominee Program. PNP is an individual program for immigration related to different provinces of Canada. But they do operate in a coordinated manner under the federal government of Canada. This selection system is also point based which can issue nomination certificates to candidates when they are selected. With these certification possessions the candidates are able to apply for their permanent residency visa for Canada.

If there is a Saudi Arabian resident who wants to move to Canada to settle down then they can always check the online immigration system where they can get all the procedure information. For additional support and thorough guidance they can take help from the professional consultants. There are many consultancy companies which needs to go through all the applicants requirements meticulously. Before one chooses the consultancy company it is very much advisable to have a detailed talk with them so that they can understand them and their mode of operation better. One should have a detailed conversation so that they can get enough confidence to rely on them. It is true that the Canada immigration from Saudi Arabia is not as difficult as it looks like. One just needs to follow the protocols in the right manner so that the process remains hassle free.

If one wants to get Canada student visa from Saudi Arabia then also they can take help from the consultants who are professional.

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