Digital technology has transformed every aspect of human life, whether work, travel, shopping, or entertainment. These are some of the areas, which are highly affected due to technology and they have faced the revolution in recent decades.

Digital technology is ubiquitous

Nowadays, it is rare to find electronic devices or any machinery that does not incorporate digital technology somehow. The devices can be faster and lighter with digital technology. A huge amount of information can be stored remotely or locally. Now the term information expanded to various media like videos, images, audio, etc. In this article, we will talk about some of the benefits of digital technology one can experience in daily life.

Social Connection

Digital technology makes it easy to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues even if you’re in another part of the world. One can communicate easily through words, audio, video, and even by exchanging the media.

There are several apps and websites available that help users socialise. With social media, tablets, laptops, and smartphones, one can never feel isolated in the digital world. Being an audience, one can also get regular updates on recent news as well as social happenings. We can connect now from even a remote area.

Speed of Communication

With digital technology, one can experience the power of the internet. The internet speed has increased exponentially right from the early days of dial-up. The faster broadband helps to enable the transfer of a larger amount of information across the web within a few seconds.

Hence it is now possible to stream the audio and video in real-time or send the large data files virtually from anywhere in the world. Generally, traditional media communication takes a much longer time for this purpose. We can talk faster to the people sitting in the other corner of the world. We can share documents, files, information etc., faster and with an unprecedented speed.

Transparent financial solutions

Due to digital technology, it has become easier to manage money nowadays. Whether it is about investment portfolio information we obtain from our account or our bank statements, we can see everything. Everything can be seen anytime, from applying for the high acceptance payday loans by direct lenders or tracking your retirement savings.

We do not need to depend on the banks to take bank statements. We can get it immediately on our mobile banking app. You can also calculate the total cost of a financial solution such as insurance, loans etc., through loan calculators. Thanks to advanced financial solutions. You want to take car insurance, compare it online, learn about the monthly premium, etc., on comparison sites. Do you want to apply for personal loans or loans without a guarantor? Then apply online and see your approval decision and online money transfer within 24 hours on your mobile or laptop screen.

New learning opportunities

We all have witnessed the magic of digital technology during a pandemic. Nowadays, it has become easy to learn anything from any corner of the world. Anyone with access to the internet can access the huge information available on the web.

Right from a pandemic, many institutes have started delivering the courses and programs online. One can easily communicate with the rest of the population and learn directly from the sources. Hence learning a new language or perusing the degree online has become easier. It is highly beneficial for people with disabilities.

Versatile ways of working

The nature of work has been completely transformed with digital technology. Hence now people can have more opportunities for working from home. Thanks to the increased connectivity due to digital technology. Thus, it has become obvious to work remotely.

Most of the jobs now can be done from hundreds of miles away without any hassle. All the employees don’t need to be present at the same place. One can experience several flexible working practices with advanced digital technologies. Remote working could take shape only due to the multiple digital tools like file-sharing software options, unlimited cloud space etc.

Information Storage

Digital technology enables you to store a massive amount of information in comparatively smaller spaces. Nowadays, it is possible to store a large number of media such as videos, photos, or audio in a small device like a mobile phone.

Hence the data can now be stored online along with the physical locations. Storing data virtually helps to access it from any device which is connected to the internet. Some of the best examples are google drive and other cloud-based storage solutions. We can store a huge lot of information, whether it is about our images, files, text, videos etc.

New modes of entertainment

The entire entertainment industry has now been transformed completely due to digital technology. The way people amuse themselves has been transformed radically since the start of the internet revolution. We have countless ways to stay entertained.

Nowadays, most people spend their free time and enjoy some dose of entertainment from online social media or computer games. Traditional entertainment media like television has also evolved along with the evolution in digital technology.

Finance and Banking

Digitalisation has also led to a revolution in financial matters. Thanks to online banking, one can easily access the banking service or send money to the other person instantly in home comfort. Being a bank customer, one can check the incoming as well as outgoing payments remotely. It is possible to make bill payments instantly through mobile banking.

Apart from banking, financial services like selling currency or shares can be easily dealt with online. Transferring money internationally between the accounts has also been a great deal of innovation in recent years.  You may be watching a web series while reading this blog.

Mapping and GPS

There was a time when people used to carry paper maps everywhere while driving to the new location. But thanks to digital technology, the process has become simple. Digital technology combined with satellite technology has transformed the experience of travel completely.

With GPS service, one can now pinpoint the position accurately or get an update on traffic jams. It is also possible to get up-to-date information on the time of arrival at the destination and alternative routes. Hence now it is easy to find a drug store or a gas station easily on your way while travelling.

Easy Transportation

We all know that aeroplanes and trains rely on the extent of digital technology. There is no doubt that the vehicles like cars and tracks can also become fully automated in the distant future. Thanks to digital technology, it is now easier and faster to access the timetable or book plane tickets online.

Passports come with a digital chip that can store the information to speed up the check-in and custom check process. The information about the travellers national and internationally can also be transferred within a few seconds. Humans who live in a globalised village have so much to expect from it.

Small-sized digital technology devices

One of the common effects of digital technology is that then devices got smaller. Nowadays, the phones that we carry around are no less than the mini computers. Hence it is easy to surf the internet, use the calculator, capture photos, or plan a journey by phone.

One can also play tons of advanced games on the Smartphone instead of logging into the computer every time. These small devices tend to use less space and offer more portability. Nowadays, we also have wearable devices, especially in the health sector. Blood pressure measurement devices to the wristwatch that shows your pulse rate all help us live better. 

News broadcasting

During earlier days, Newspapers and television were the only sources to get the news. But with digital technology, it is easy to access the news instantly through various websites or social media. Traditional media like television and newspaper has also been revolutionised thanks to digital technology.

Hence people now can have more access to the news 24 x 7 every day. It is easier now to access the news through the phones directly. Social media also plays a vital role in broadcasting the news instantly through various platforms. We can stay updated anywhere, anytime, whether we are in a metro or an aeroplane.

Accurate Duplication

One of the major benefits offered by digital technology is that it helps to enable the exact duplication of media. If you are writing any work report and wish to email it to multiple recipients, then it is possible to distribute it easily with digital technology.

We can see the radical transformation of digital technology in the form of 3D printing as well. Today we are even making houses with the help of 3d printing using eco-friendly material. Just imagine the capacity of digital technology. We can surely make this planet a better place to live. That is only possible through positive and constructive use.


These are some of the major benefits, which technology has delivered to a human being. These advancements in technology have improved virtually every aspect of our lives, and the best is yet to experience.

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