How Number Masking Benefits the Food Delivery Industry

Number masking protects the privacy of both the agent and the caller in the food delivery industry. This is an advanced data protection measure. Seamless communication takes place between two entities without disclosing phone numbers.

In this article, we discuss why the food delivery business needs this data protection feature. 

Temporary Contact

Number masking solutions provide communication privacy for the business and the customer. Neither party can view the contact details of the other. The calls are routed through the server of the service provider and come with end-to-end encryption for data privacy. 

Both the customer and agent can see a temporary number. The customer placing the order may not like to share personal details with the company. Providing this facility improves the brand image of the company since the customer feels that adequate measures to protect their privacy are being taken. 

Unlike toll-free numbers that are reserved for a company, there is a new number generated for every call. The agent does not ask the customer to share confidential data. 

Communication With Food Delivery Aggregators

The food delivery ecosystem comprises the eatery, the delivery agent, and the customer. Secure and seamless communication between these stakeholders is ensured by number masking

There are app-based bike and cab services that facilitate the delivery of food. Communication between the bike or cab and the customer takes place through the cab or bike aggregator.

The customer can use the click-to-call feature to contact the driver to find out the status of the food delivery. This is an API integrated call button on the eatery’s website where the customer can directly contact the company.

Once the order is delivered, the customer can’t contact the agent on the same number. The driver may also call the customer to confirm the delivery address, but after delivering the order, the number won’t work. 

Call Analysis for Improved Employee Performance

When the customer calls the number on the portal, the interaction between customers and agents is recorded through the call tracking and monitoring feature of automated call management systems. The company can assess the quality of both incoming and outgoing calls.

Call data is analyzed, and this helps businesses identify weaknesses in their agents. With end-to-end tracking, all aspects of the call cycle are monitored. Performance is checked for how a customer is greeted, a query is handled, and the time taken to complete the call. 

Call logs are verified to check how many calls were handled by the agent and the amount of idle time between calls. All this data is collected when designing an effective training module for agents to ensure improved call quality. As the efficiency of the employees improves with real-time data insights, so does customer satisfaction. 

Faster Resolution of Queries

When the customer calls, they go directly to the IVR’s multi-level menu. Depending on their requirements, they can go directly to the concerned department and get their queries resolved. Since the call goes to the free agent, waiting times for customers are greatly reduced. 

With data privacy and lower wait times, customers are likely to share positive reviews about the company. It would lead to higher ROI due to a larger market share. 

Customer Loyalty

When a customer feels safe interacting with a company with data protection features, they are likely to order food using the same company. The company enjoys a regular income due to a captive client base. 

The business enjoys referrals from existing customers, and revenues go up. Many customers go online to check reviews from other customers before they use a product or service. When there are positive reviews on public portals, there is a higher lead generation and conversion. 

Final Thoughts

With number masking from Knowlarity, customers can communicate with the company 24×7 without worrying about data leakage. Automated calling systems are cost-effective solutions for companies and improve customer retention. 

There are multiple benefits for companies in the food delivery industry with such integrated communication systems. With automatic call recording, the productivity of agents improves since the quality of calls is analyzed. Customers value their privacy, and if a company can protect it, they win the customer. 


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