Hacks About Hiding Your Identity Using a Random Address Generator

Technology has its good or bad implications. You cannot deny the fact that the internet is helping us in business as well as personal life.

With that said, the increasing connection has also weighed heavy on your virtual identity. Hackers are undermining your security and manipulating it for their self-serving purposes.

Coming to the point, a random address generator acts as a shield in protecting yourself from cybercrimes.

But before diving deep into it, let’s discuss the random address generator first.

What is a random address generator?

The tool does what it says. A random address generator creates random addresses of different locations in the world.

This tool is of prime importance when you need to delude someone you fear may harm you through your identity. You can use an online Fake address generator to get a random mailing address of any country around the world with random email and phone numbers.

How does a random address generator work?

The way such a tool gives random addresses shows that it may possess a very large database containing the name, street, house no., and other credentials of a random address.

A typical fake address generator provides the following features:

  1. Personal details containing name, address, etc.
  2. Financial details: Credit card number, Bank, and much more.
  3. Employment details.
  4. Internet credentials.

In this way, it comes in a complete package to meet all of your security needs and gives you the preferences to select the details of your own need to mask your identity.

Where do you need to secure your identity?

The moment you get yourself on the internet, you are vulnerable because your presence can be detected in many ways.

It’s not like the physical presence that does not leave behind any traces of your existence if you move away from a particular place.

Instead, virtual presence can be detected easily through your MAC address, your IP address, your real house address where you are residing, and the credentials you put while logging into some website.

So, you are between the devil and the deep blue sea. A slight mistake on your part may bring harmful consequences for you.

You need to secure your identity through a random address generator in the following places:

Ø  While using social media:

Needless to say, you use social media like everyone. You need to know that more than 3.6 billion people use social media and the number is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Now social media is an amazing invention as it helps you interact and make friends around the globe. But what makes it the hotbed of cybercrimes is an interesting thing to know.

Like others, you might have given your real information on the internet. Hackers play on that information and apply tactics of social engineering to enslave you in their traps.

Thus, you need to use a random address generator to mask your original address and other credentials.

Playing online games:

You may be thinking that how a fake address generator helps you avoid cybercrimes in online games. Being an internet user you may have heard PII pr personal identifiable information.

It’s the whole lot of information that comes under your personal or private concerns and you may feel vulnerable if it gets disclosed to anyone on the internet.

Malicious software and hackers prey on such kinds of information.

They send spam messages to game lovers to download game patches or other fake offers in a bid to hack your system or extort some information.

Thus, it’s high time to get rid of all risks through a random address generator. It helps you to hide from any cybercrime on gaming platforms.

Through emails:

You may be fed up with getting useless emails in your inbox. Most of those you don’t even see because you have no concern whatsoever with the marketing offers these emails provide.

However, if an email comes into your inbox that identifies your issues, you don’t take a second thought and open that email.

That’s where you fall into the hackers’ trap. The emails will show you all the lucrative offers that you have never imagined before. You add your real information, which isn’t wise in any case.

Therefore, you can use a random address generator to add fake addresses as well as credit card information to save yourself from any imminent threat.

Is it legal to use such a tool?

In terms of law, there isn’t any prescribed article that enforces the no use of such tools in any case. However, in reality, it totally depends upon the user’s intent.

In US law such an act may come under felony or misdemeanor if it is done to harm someone or to extort financial gains.

On the flip side, if your intent is to save yourself from identity theft, social engineering, or any kind of hacking, it’s quite understandable to guard yourself with random address generators.

How hackers can undermine your identity and privacy?

You never know what on earth can the hackers do to your unprotected identity. Therefore you need to know some basic ways you may get harmed by them


It’s the phony website you see on your screen. Taking it like a real website you are familiar with you put your information to log in and in return, your information goes to the criminal who can use it for vicious purposes.

Social engineering:

It kind of psychological tricks played to invoke an action from you. For instance, you may get an email from your friend, or any tristed website to log in.

Nowadays, coronavirus social engineering scams are in vogue. After getting the information, the hackers may affect your social media presence by posting inappropriate content.

The hacker may then demand money or other vital gains which you are bound to provide to retrieve your log-in credentials.

Viruses and worms:

If you are getting emails from your favorite gaming platforms without your playing those games lately, you should take it with reserve.

Hackers may email you with game patches and other offers and may ask you to give your addresses or other login information and may take a toll on your privacy.

Summing up:

Being a social media user, you must remain aware of cyber threats and identity thefts that are rampaging the profiles on the internet.

To deal with that, you may need a random address generator to create fake addresses.

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