The Ultimate Guide On Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in India

The heart is a vital organ in the human body. Its primary function is to pump blood throughout the body. An average human heart usually beats about 60 to 100 times per minute. In this crucial organ, there are four chambers and four valves.

The four heart valves, tricuspid, pulmonary, mitral, and aortic, check the correct movement of blood in the body. The valve takes care of the blood, rich with nutrients to flow correctly through the heart’s chambers.

After the blood flow, the valves are supposed to close completely; if the valves do not close tightly after the flow of blood, there are chances for a leak. Leaky valves make the blood flow in a backward direction. Such cases are known as regurgitation.

If the heart valves aren’t functioning correctly, our body tends to show some indications. Dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, and chest pain are some of the symptoms. At such a stage, the patient is suggested to undergo heart valve replacement surgery.

Heart valve-related problems can occur due to aging, overall diet, and lifestyle, rheumatic fever. That is why it is significant to opt for the best doctor for valve replacement in India.

Max Hospital Surgeons

The hospital provides expert doctors and surgeons specialized in this field. They promote the best healthcare and wellness services. Today almost all of the topmost surgeons are from this hospital, so that you can count on them without hesitation. For best cardiac and vascular surgery, any patient can rely on max healthcare surgeons.

1.  Balbir Singh

Dr Balbir Singh is one of the most top-rated surgeons with expertise in cardiovascular surgery. He has vast experience throughout which he has dealt with several complex cases of cardiac surgeries. He has also been awarded for his contributions in this field. He is also involved in giving the best treatments to people by setting up free cardiac camps. His contributions, dedication, and excellence in this field have made him what he is today.

2. Rajiv Agarwal

Dr Rajiv Agarwal is a senior director and unit head at Max Healthcare Hospital. He specializes in heart transplantation and is the best doctor for valve replacement in India. He has performed an M.B.B.S. from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (A.I.I.M.S.) and Fellow Interventional Cardiology, U of Alabama at Birmingham, U.S.A. As such, he has vast knowledge in this field without any worries. He has also been presented with several awards over the years, of which Commonwealth Scholarships by the British Council/Commonwealth Scholarship Commission is the most well-known. No wonder he is top-class for you.

3. Vijay Kumar Chopra

Dr Vijay Kumar Chopra is one of the top cardiologists from India. He is a versatile senior director and cardiac sciences expert. He has performed his M.B.B.S., 1972

M.D. (Medicine), 1976 and D.M. (Cardiology), 1979 before getting this position. He has also dealt with several complex heart cases during his years of experience. So, he is well educated and knows the best.

4. Arvind M Das

Surgeries of infants born with complex heart conditions. Dr Arvind M Das has been an experience holder in the field of cardiology for many years. He has good work experience and educational training that prove his credibility in the field of cardiology. His education showcases M.B.B.S. – I.M.S., B.H.U., VARANASI, MD (MEDICINE)- I.M.S., B.H.U., VARANASI, D.M. – G.B.PANT HOSPITAL, NEW DELHI and FELLOW – PACING & ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY, ROYAL MELBOURNE HOSPITAL, AUSTRALIA.

5. Naveen Bhambri

Dr Naveen Bhamri is a director and H.O.D. in cardiology at Max Healthcare Hospital who has performed several surgeries over the years. His educational training includes Fellowship of the European Society of Cardiology (F.E.S.C.) (2014), Fellow of the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (F.S.C.A.I.), U.S.A. (2012) and Fellowship in Renal Denervation Therapy for Hypertension. He also has a membership at Cardiological Societies Of India.

6. Roopa Salwan

Dr Roopa Salwan has her qualifications from M.B.B.S. Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, MD (Medicine), L.N.J.P.N. Hospital, New Delhi, D.M. (Cardiology), GB Pant Hospital, Delhi University and graduated from Harvard Business School on Managing Health Care Delivery, 2012. She is the best of her kind, and we highly recommend you get surgery from her in need.

The Bottom Line

These were some of the best doctors for valve replacement in India. However,you must go for Max hospital surgeons if you are looking for the top-rated ones. Max Hospital provides top-class surgeons and promotes the best healthcare services with the help of expert doctors from all fields. Cardiovascular surgeries may sound challenging, but it can be a cakewalk with such surgeons who showcase profound knowledge.


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