Healthcare Digital Revolution: Top Digital Marketing Trends 2022

If we are definite about anything, it is digital marketing that will continue changing. Subsequently, who has foreseen the 3D organ printing in space or the COVID-19 pandemic? Both occurred, and while the organ printing thing is TBD, the pandemic has altered things meaningfully. Hence, the big news is that most people observe the healthcare industry more positively post-pandemic. Furthermore, the point is: healthcare consumers are more squarely in the driver’s seat than ever. Some call this trend the “Healthcare Digital Revolution,” the consumers to seek healthcare solutions on their terms.

Additionally, that demand is pushing the modern digital marketing agency for doctors to evolve. All of it means your healthcare digital marketing agency needs to be on point going into the coming year. So here are the top marketing trends you need to be aware of: 

  1. The reorientation of the digital healthcare revolution

We stated in our introduction that patients are looking for services on their terms. So why go wait to get a COVID-19 test? Let’s say if I can do it at home? Why call my doctor for an inquiry when I can message through the patient portal? Certainly, two main trends are driving this reorientation:

  • Customers want to go online to self-diagnose. And to find second opinions, connect with doctors, etc.
  • New technologies are refining patient experiences. With the arrival of these advanced tech gadgets, doctors can spin up new digital experiences for patients.

Here are a few best practices to accustom reorientation:

  • Rank ease of use, searchability, and easy navigation
  • Improve everything and sync for smartphones
  • Use SEO to ease early-funnel interaction when clients are looking for a trusted service
  • Show up in local SEO for individuals looking for nearby health care services
  • Telehealth as part of the everlasting digital marketing mix?

We added the query for a cause because the jury still seems to be ready on telehealth. It had used extensively at the peak of the pandemic. Some of us have discussed the future of telehealth extensively. And though general telehealth usage is trending. Many customers have accepted telehealth and are choosing services that offer that ease.

The telehealth trends track a wider move toward moving more healthcare infrastructures online. Again, reorientation is at the root of the digital healthcare revolution. Beyond improving access to telehealth, companies are adding new offerings, such as:

  • Online, HIPAA-compliant conversation
  • Cooperative texting
  • Digital appointment reminders
  • AI-powered online assistant
  • Social-Proof is the most important digital currency.

There was a time when you may ask people for doctor references. But, with more people going online to find what they want, social proof replaces word-of-mouth. Consumers are observing for reviews, testimonials, and indications that they can trust your brand.

Social proof comes in many methods, with:

  • Ratings and reviews 
  • Patient testimonials 
  • Question and answer sections (FAQs)
  • Print media and Radio Placements 
  • Community Participation
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Number of Followers
  • Social Presence 

Here are a few examples they have bookmarked if you hire a healthcare digital marketing agency for social proof:

  • Video storytelling.
  • Physician look-ins.
  • IGTV and Facebook Live streaming.
  • Instagram Sharing Authority for Building Content. 
  • Healthcare consumers want help across the pipeline.

Healthcare digital marketing agency must create a complete approach to build responsiveness as healthcare journeys are not always linear. Think about the person ready to address an ongoing issue, but who does not know who you are? Or even what their exact healthcare wants are? More prominently, think about where they are engaging you online. It could be while scrolling through social media ads. On the other hand, they might go straight to your website.

The point is, the digital marketing agency for doctors needs the best plan. They complete the funnel, from early contemplation to “add to cart.” The idea is to instruct and inform prospective patients. It reveals somewhat to them that they have yet to contemplate their healthcare decision. These gave you a comprehensive package that includes new web design, SEO, content, and digital advertising across the funnel.

  • Personalization will be the premium standard.

According to a study, 92% of healthcare marketers believe their customers expected personalized experiences up to 85 % in 2020.

Tips for personalizing healthcare digital marketing

Launch and improve your mobile apps and patient portals. For example, it is one thing to create an email list based on protected individual health information.

Let patients select their journey. You do not want personal health information to adjust content journeys to what exact patients want. 

  • Avoid Website and Digital User Experience (UX) at your own risk

One of the most common blunders we see healthcare providers make is creating informational or photographic sites. You will see even the big names in healthcare standing behind generic websites or even clunky ones. It is a serious blunder that healthcare companies now know. They are asking to redo their websites from digital marketing agency for doctors.

In 2022, healthcare establishments should not want considerable that their site is the digital face of their company. Rather, they will want to commit to revising their sites through the eyes of patient need. Nevertheless, how to execute a clearer idea to design your website:

  • Website structure and navigation
  • Messaging, content, and design
  • Ease of use across devices
  • Editorial calendar for marketing content
  • 24/7 engagement tools (text, email support, chatbots, and so on)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Availability
  • Improvements to generate with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for healthcare digital revolution 

As healthcare providers, you want the website audience to do something. To become a patient, demand an appointment, or endure a procedure. Right? That is a conversion. And those conversions occur on your web pages at a positive rate—your conversion rate.

Digital Marketing Agency can apply CRO methodologies for doctors, including:

  • Website and landing pages
  • Mobile and app understandings
  • Call-to-action language
  • Copywriting and graphic design
  • SEO, Healthcare Digital Revolution 

In keeping with the wider reorientation of healthcare, healthcare consumers are changing SEO, too. During the pandemic, even digital beginners had to take healthcare into their own hands, often practicing tech. They self-diagnose due to a lack of access to services.

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What Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency Can Do More?

They formulate for the future of healthcare SEO; their strategy will have to be complete. In our view, they had been wise to pay special mind to:

  • Confident, high-value content
  • Fast, accessible web pages
  • Semantic and informal search best practices
  • Entity-focused keyword strategies
  • Healthcare Digital Marketing tech will improve than ever 

Technology supports and enables nearly all of the trends listed here. For example, despite the budget, companies are still growing spending on marketing tech. In addition, it had partially influenced by the arrival of private equity investments into healthcare, which we have seen firsthand.

What Can Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency for Doctors Do?

When presented, most healthcare marketing agencies are at least open to trying new technologies. The question is, where and how should they direct that spending? And the answer is as follow:

  • Patient Access via telehealth, patient portal, chatbots
  • Dynamic call tracking via a keyword, campaign, landing page, direct mail piece, email, etc. 
  • Marketing attribution via Ruler Analytics and Funnel
  1. New data limitations make, it harder to reach patients

You are already quite familiar with the HIPAA Privacy Rule. It protects private health information (PHI). Furthermore, all healthcare digital marketing agencies would be wise to stay on top of these regulations to avoid issues.

How to guarantee customer privacy has protected?

In many ways, enormous changes explore user privacy rules across the healthcare industry. 

  • Understand the rules and regulations
  • Conduct a complete audit to reveal risks
  • Capitalize on cybersecurity and data platforms
  • Build a healthy data privacy onboarding program 

Closing Thoughts

Today, dozens of new companies are unsettling the traditional healthcare models. While we had certainly argued that this shift by patient goes deeper than that. Patients are not just holding the keys; they are in the driver’s seat and mashing the accelerator to the floor.

It is time for a digital marketing agency for doctors to meet healthcare providers. The reorientation of healthcare appears throughout all of the 2022 healthcare marketing revolutions that we have discovered above. The question is, who will be savvy enough to do these changes? You can hire a company like Navicosoft – the best healthcare digital marketing agency for your needs. 

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