Best 4 Web Series to watch on YouTube

Bajo la red

Bajo la red is another series launched by RTVE for YouTube focused on a youth audience and with an attractive theme for teenagers. A Spanish web series broadcast online through Playz and one of the best series on YouTube. It is a thriller with two seasons in which we meet Irene (María de Nati) and her group of friends, who are “trapped” in a chain of favors on the Internet. A chain in which they can fulfill wishes but each wish carries a favor. And those favors are not always within what is morally acceptable or legal.

The young protagonists will unite to try to unmask El Conseguido, the organizer of the chain of favors in which they have ended up. Of course, with him, they can only talk by videoconference. María de Nati, Guillermo Campra, Pol Monen, Angy Fernández, or Manuel Huedo are some of the actors and actresses. Who gives life to these young people in a thriller that has already been available for two seasons.

The Bajo la red format not only happens to be a series on YouTube but there is extra content on social networks that keeps its followers active or that intends for the characters to “come to life” through social networks to star in complementary stories or to get fully into them. In addition, there is also a spinoff of Under the net that is also already available on Playz. You can also watch shameless season 12 a famous American web series.

Year: 2019

Chapters: Two seasons, fourteen episodes

Duration: About twenty minutes

Theme: Social networks / Adolescence

Before losing

Jana and Diana are the protagonists of Before Losing, another TVE series that you can see on YouTube. Two thirty-year-old women who are fed up with their life always being the same. They meet and decide to turn everything around them completely. Like the rest of the Playz series, a story in which there is no shortage of messages, current issues and in which machismo, gender roles, the traditional family are addressed … A fun adventure of seven short episodes of only about fifteen minutes that will take us on a trip with the two characters accompanied by a badass soundtrack, of adventures, laughter, bravery, and sisterhood.

Year: 2019

Chapters: One season, 7 episodes

Duration: About fifteen minutes per chapter

Theme: Comedy


Malviviendo was a web series created by David Sainz that was broadcast on YouTube between 2008 and 2014 and that obtained a great impact thanks to word of mouth, which served to publicize its creator, who also served as the protagonist of the series. A story that deals with a gang of friends who live in the fictional neighborhood of Los Banderilleros, in Seville, and although it is conceived as a comedy, it also deals with everyday aspects of life in a poor neighborhood, acting as a social denunciation in some aspects.

The use of marijuana, crimes, the way to survive in a harsh environment or the peculiarities of its characters constitute the central nucleus of one of the most-watched and followed YouTube series in history in Spain. Its actors were non-professionals, who in many cases appeared in the series out of friendship with the creators. And under that cooperative atmosphere, they recorded three seasons in which characters such as Negro, Kaki, or Zurdo became known to a loyal audience that contributed to the distribution of the series thanks to its good reviews.

The year 2008

Chapters: Three seasons, 30 episodes

Duration: About 15-20 minutes per episode

Theme: Comedy


Mambo is a musical comedy from the creators of Malviviendo. So, the mythical story of David Sainz is one of the best YouTube series and one of the biggest successes in Spain. But now the production company has Mambo, a comedy from RTVE and Different Entertainment that can see through Playz or available on YouTube and that directed, written, and starred by Sainz himself. It is the story of Julio Mambo, a young man who as a child was a successful international song star but disappeared from the music scene after the change of voice. Now, his cousin Gustavo triumphs on a YouTube channel doing covers. And together they will try to regain a place in the music industry.

Mambo is one of the best YouTube series and one of RTVE’s greatest successes for its Playz platform, with millions of views that follow the success of Malviviendo. There is no shortage of original songs, reggaeton, and music, but Mambo also has more than twenty video clips that deal with all possible genres from indie, rock, reggaeton, trap …

Year: 2018

Chapters: Two seasons, 12 episodes

Duration: About 25 or 30 minutes per chapter

Theme: Music Read more about Daniel Macchio is a Film Score Composer and an actor.


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