7 Ways To Do Content Marketing For Lawyers

Lawyers & Law firms are constantly looking for new strategies to sign up more cases and grow their practice. Creating high-quality legal material is an excellent method to do this. Fast typing rates aren’t the only factor in writing high-quality articles. Legal Soft Solution has detailed, easy-to-follow ways for creating high-quality legal content material. These tried-and-true strategies have helped law firms grow their business:

#1. Choose Topics Your Audience Would Be Interested In

Many law firms specialize in specific fields. Law firms generally specialize in one or two areas. Why does this matter to legal content marketing? A lot, actually.

If you tailor your content to match what prospective clients are looking for, you are using focused content marketing. Thus, you will be able to create marketing content for your law firm that appeals to your target audience.

How will you accomplish this? Start with topics where you are an expert. Imagine you’re a family law attorney. There is no sense in receiving a lot of calls from people with concerns about their estate plans. Those involved in recent family disputes should get information if they want to get more clients.

Some of the titles and ideas for family attorneys could be;

  • “3 Things to Do After a Divorce” is a list of suggestions for what to do after a divorce. A list of factors to consider while hiring a family lawyer is included in 
  • “What Should You Know Before Hiring a Family Lawyer?”
  • “4 Important Reasons to Hire a Family Lawyer” includes a list of reasons why you should hire a family lawyer.

The list could go on. However, I believe you get the picture. All of these themes are relevant to a family attorney or legal business. Creating a robust list of content marketing themes is essential for lawyers.

#2. Develop a Keyword Plan That Boosts Your SEO

Marketing law firms require a keyword strategy. It is evident that a keyword game plan can help you in any situation. Keywords should be the starting point of any digital marketing plan for a law firm. In search engines, these are the most frequently used terms. 

Consider using terms that your target audience (individuals contemplating or going through a divorce) can understand (if you are a family lawyer). How are you going to proceed? An excellent place to get started with your keywords planning is Answer the Public.

This website only requires you to enter one or more keywords. After that, you’ll be provided with a list of keyword-related questions.

You can then build legal content around these keywords once you have a few ideas. Don’t go overboard. Give it a try and see its impact on your website & firm.

Getting started is as simple as using Google email. Create a list of keywords that appeal to you. Next, create a list of one or more keywords that interest you. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to find the most relevant results.

Search volume totals and keyword suggestions are now available in Google’s search results. Your law firm will benefit from all of these ways to stay within your marketing budget.

Even though it appears to be an easy task, keyword research is an important and complex component of content marketing for lawyers.

#3. Engage Your Attorneys

It is always good to involve lawyers in content production as they are the heart and soul of any law practice. Their expertise could prove invaluable when it comes to creating more detailed material on current topics.

A good idea is also to market your content not just through the firm’s website but also through the social media accounts of lawyers. Providing your lawyers with lessons on how to use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to promote content and build a smart network will help them succeed.

#4. Offer Solution

One very important thing to consider while writing content for marketing is to make it resourceful. The web is flooded with information, and your potential clients need something more than just information. There is a massive difference between both;


  • Offer information
  • Topic-based
  • Sometimes superficial 


  • Offer solutions
  • Address concerns
  • Reasonably comprehensive (situation-specific)

In this highly competitive world, as a lawyer, you should market its solutions to get an upper edge. If you can provide readers with what they are looking for, they will undoubtedly become your clients.

#5. 3Cs -Clean, Clear, Concise

Keep in mind that you are not here to showcase your knowledge to other lawyers with high vocabs. Thus your content should not be like your regular dull legal document. It will not serve the purpose. Your readers don’t love legal jargon. 

What interests them is how specific law can impact them & not about what particular law is inside out. Legal terms are dreary. Use simple English. Use clean, clear, and concise phrases and sentences for explaining law & legal concepts. The best way to simplify the complex.

#6. An Essential Part Of Content Marketing For Law Firms Is Their Email List

Using email lists to market your law firm is one of the most overlooked aspects of your marketing plan. An excellent example of the power of email marketing is if you recently received an email from a company that you admire.  

There are many popular email marketing management services that can help you get everything done. If you’re new to email marketing, don’t worry; The process will be smooth. MailChimp, HubSpot, and Constant Contact are three well-known companies that can help you achieve this goal.

Once you master the art of email generation and delivery, you will immediately realize how important it is for a law firm’s content marketing plan to have a mass email list.

Partnerships are formed through outreach

If you’re not a salesperson, job seeker, or data collector, you’re probably not in the habit of outreaching daily. Just keep practicing. Law firms & even other businesses can use it for marketing themselves. You could do this via a guest post, a collaboration, or another method.

#7. Setting Up a Blog Is Different From Setting Up a Business 

A well-run blog cannot stand on its own. The best approach to establish yourself as a thought leader is to stay abreast of emerging issues in your industry. Are you familiar with “newsjacking?” Keeping clients and prospects updated on emerging issues can be invaluable. 

Are you looking for more information about landlord-tenant law? Keep up with landlord-tenant matters by setting up a Google Alert. Consider blogging about similar topics, of course with your views, and promoting your blog with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


A last-minute decision isn’t a good idea for content marketing. To be competitive in your local market or your area of specialization, you need high-quality content. Go for it!!

If you’re writing a lot of content, you’re leveraging one of the most powerful marketing strategies available. Using metrics like search engine impressions, website traffic, and other techniques can help you take your content marketing strategy to the next level.

Content marketing requires a steadfast commitment and consistency. You might not see the desired outcome right away, but your efforts will pay off. You must first dig your heels in and begin writing. A successful digital marketing strategy includes creating content regularly.

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