5 Reasons Why Vinyl Banners Need to be Part of Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy in 2021

When society shut down in response to the COVID19 pandemic, small-scale businesses suffered the most. Many small-scale retailers and brands were already on their ways to adapting digital advertising. With practically zero in-shopping experiences during the first few months of the pandemic, the rush to digitize was accelerated.

However, that doesn’t mean small-scale, local businesses should give up on the power of printed, physical marketing tools. Are eye-catching banners, posters, signs, etc., still relevant in the post-pandemic world? Yes. Here are 5 reasons why not using vinyl signs/banners means your business is missing out on targeting large customer bases.

Digital Marketing is Not as Effective for Local Shoppers

In a recent study published in Forbes, 93% of shoppers said they shopped in-store for household items. The preference of a large number of consumers is still the simplicity that physical shopping experiences offer. The chances of a modern-day shopper appreciating a vinyl printed banner is much higher than them appreciating a digital ad.

Digital marketing is great for multinational brands that can afford to rerun ads and re-target customers using expensive marketing software. On the other hand, vinyl printed banners are cheap and great at attracting customers to storefronts. Place them in entryways or throughout the store’s location to share concise but impactful business-related details.

They’re not cumbersome or invasive like digital ads. A well-customized vinyl banner can be extremely pleasing to look at. It can make stores look more professional. Small business owners don’t get such guaranteed benefits with digital marketing tools.

Quick and Cheap Production

Custom-printed vinyl banners are so durable – they always give great long-term returns on upfront investments. Small business owners can further de-risk their positions by buying these banners in bulk. Larger orders are significantly less costly than single orders.

Plus, vinyl printing is very quick and high-quality these days, thanks to advancements in printing technologies. Customize your vinyl printed banners at a fast rate to start promoting your brand a lot faster, too.

Total Customization Power

The best thing about working with marketing materials made of vinyl is that there are no major restrictions. No size, shape, color, or design restrictions – you can customize any concept you have in mind. Promote your business exactly with the designs/artwork you want. Create unique designs, post creative messages, and more. 

Reuse Them 

Since vinyl posters and banners are waterproof and generally pretty sturdy, they’re also used outdoors. They retain their durability for years, regardless of how much moisture or sunlight damage they pick up.

If store owners use glue guns, heat guns, and razors, they can easily apply and un-apply these banners multiple times. That’s why using banners with seasonal messages is so popular. Store owners simply put up the seasonal banners from the previous years to avoid extra marketing costs.

Welcome Back Customers

Small business owners must liven up their work/commercial spaces in the post-pandemic era. Use custom-printed banners to share smart and strategic marketing messages. Reinvigorate your marketing strategies in the most cost-effective way possible, without comprising the quality of your advertising!

Boris Petrov

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