5 Important things on your Checklist while selecting the Best CBSE School

If you are a parent and looking for School Admissions in Noida for your child then we understand your struggle of reserving your child’s seat at a  Best CBSE School in the city.

School admission is the most important time for any parent so here are some checklists to be followed when choosing the  Best CBSE School that offers quality education and a conducive environment for learning. 

Checklist during  School admissions in Noida 

Choose the board

This is important where most parents struggle but if you know your child’s strengths and weaknesses and what they want to pursue in the future or for their higher education goals then it will become easy.

Different curriculum boards offered 

There are 5 Boards in India; State board, CBSE, CISCE, IGCSE, and  IB. Know all the salient features, pros, and cons of each board and it will help you to make a clear decision and choose the perfect board that suits your child.

Advantages of a CBSE Board curriculum

Out of these 5 boards; CBSE is the most popular education board in India with more than 24,000 schools affiliated to this board as of 2021. Best CBSE Schools are known for their holistic curriculum and teaching methods that curate love for learning in children. CBSE board follows the NCERT Curriculum which is the base of many competitive entrance exams from the JEE (Main), NEET, UPSE to Olympiads, etc.

Parents must also consider the nature of their job before deciding on a board in if you are in a transferable job, selecting a CBSE School is the best option. Make sure to consider the child’s liking, capability, and personality but do not overburden or do not underestimate their capabilities. 

Visit the best CBSE  Schools in Noida

Parents should visit the school to know the academic infrastructure, provision of extra-curricular activities, hygiene, and safety, etc., before School Admissions in Noida. As your child will spend most of the time and the most precious years of their life in school, all these factors play a vital role in their growth and development.

Rating and Review

The Rating and Review are the major deciding factors to choose any school; reviews from genuine sources like parents of other children who are studying in the same school are best to get some real truth about the school. Research and check online reviews, school forums or communities. Look for reviews that are genuine and not fake.


Check for the merits of a finalised school whose academic results are consistently great as it will give you an overall idea as to what can be your child’s result; Looking at past results and achievements of students can help you make the right decision.


Be fully aware of the fees structure so that you can have an overall idea of how much it can cost you and whether it is affordable to you or not. If you have budget constraints then check for scholarship programs available and the criteria that have to be met to be awarded a scholarship. School fees may differ depending on the school but keep in mind that you will have to pick a school that is affordable and does not overburden your finances without compromising on education.


Selecting the  Best CBSE School for your child is important as it will shape your child’s personality and future by developing intellectual, emotional, and social skills. 

Hope this article on School Admissions in Noida guides you to make the right decision.


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